Adidas vs Nike Sizing: How Do They Compare In Size?

Adidas is a popular German-based manufacturer of shoes while Nike is a worldwide famous American brand known for its manufacturing of footwear. Both brands are famous for their unique design and comfortable footwear. There is a slight difference in the sizing of both brands.

Do you love to buy shoes online but are confused about the size of the shoes? If you are currently wearing a Nike and want to wear an Adidas then it can be a little bit frustrating to choose the correct size while switching the brands. The shoe size can be different between brands so it is important to choose the correct size if you want to change the brand of the shoe.

Adidas vs Nike Sizing

Nowadays people love to buy shoes online and for that purpose choosing the correct shoe sizing is important. If you don’t have a comfortable shoe then you cannot walk or stand properly because it will keep hurting your feet. The incorrect shoe size can develop several foot problems such as itching, bunions, hammertoe, and stress on your feet, ankle, and hips therefore these foot problems can be easily avoided by wearing a perfect size shoe.

If you want to know the actual difference between these two brands then you are at the right place because we have thoroughly mentioned all the details that will guide you correctly about the Adidas vs Nike Sizing. You can easily check the Nike vs Adidas shoe size difference with the help of sizing tables and Size measuring techniques. Let’s have a look at the details below for complete understanding.

Difference Between Adidas vs Nike Sizing:

Let me tell you about the difference between Adidas and Nike Sizing. It is the most important thing to check while buying shoes from Adidas or Nike that which brand offers a smaller size and which offers the bigger one. There is not much difference in sizing in Adidas or Nike. Both brands offer you true to size fit but if you check the size of both brands you will come to know that Nike runs smaller in size than Adidas.  Nike is half size smaller than Adidas or you can say that Adidas runs a half size bigger than Nike in US Men’s shoe size. There is no size difference in US women’s shoes between both brands. If you are wearing a shoe size of 10 in Nike then you will wear the 10.5 sizes in Adidas.

Difference between Adidas vs Nike Sizing

How to Choose the Perfect Size Adidas and Nike

Adidas and Nike don’t offer the same size and for that reason, you don’t have to be confused while choosing the right fit. It is not a complicated thing to check the size of your shoe. If you are switching between these brands then you have to exactly know about your size. If you know precisely about your size then you can easily match up your size in the Adidas or Nike size measurement chart. Let’s have a look at the below charts to easily understand the right fit for your foot. It is recommended to always check your size in CM.

Nike Size Chart

US – Men’sUS – Women’sUS – KidsUKCMEU

Adidas Size Chart

Heel-toeUS – Men’sUS – Women’sUKEU
22.1 cm453.536
22.5 cm4.55.5436 2/3
22.9 cm564.537 1/3
23.3 cm5.56.5538
23.8 cm675.538 2/3
24.2 cm6.57.5639 1/3
24.6 cm786.540
25 cm7.58.5740 2/3
25.5 cm897.541 1/3
25.9 cm8.59.5842
26.3 cm9108.542 2/3
26.7 cm9.510.5943 1/3
27.1 cm10119.544
27.6 cm10.511.51044 2/3
28  cm111210.545 1/3
28.4 cm11.512.51146
28.8 cm121311.546 2/3
29.3 cm12.513.51247 1/3
29.7 cm131412.548
30.1 cm13.514.51348 2/3
30.5 cm141513.549 1/3
31 cm14.515.51450
31.4 cm1514.550 2/3
31.8 cm161551 1/3
32.6 cm171652 2/3
33.5 cm181753 1/3
34.3 cm191854 2/3
35.2 cm201955 2/3

Best Sizing Tips for Nike & Adidas

If you want to wear a comfortable shoe fit then you can try these simple Sizing tips for Nike and Adidas shoes. These tips will help you to easily find a perfect fit so that foot pain issues can be easily removed. Let’s check the details below for guidance.

  • Never select your shoe size on the assumption you can simply measure your feet from the heel to your longest toe. Stand on a piece of paper with your heel slightly touching a wall behind and mark the end of your longest toe on the paper. You can compare measurements with the charts.
  • You can check your foot width with the help of measuring tape. Wrap measuring tape around your foot for accurate measurement.
  • Measure your feet at the end of the day because it will give you a correct size measurement after all-day activities.
  • Enough space should be available in the toe box so you can easily spread your toes.
  • If you are using insoles or socks then try it in your new shoes. It may go perfectly with your new shoe or may be tight.
  • Your shoes can be tight or loose or if your size is between sizes then you can go for one size up in case of loose-fitting. You can choose one size down in case of a tight fit.
  • Ensure your shoes don’t pinch or hurt your toes. Ensure a perfect fit to avoid foot pain.
  • Both Nike and Adidas offer you a return policy.  Try the shoes to make sure it is comfortable for your feet. In case the shoes do not fit you properly simply you can return the shoes.


Is Adidas Shoe Size Bigger Than Nike?

Adidas runs a half size bigger than Nike in US Men’s shoe size while in US women shoes the size remains the same in both brands.

Is Nike Sizing Different?

Nike offers true to size but every brand has a difference in their size measurements. If you want to switch from Nike to Adidas and Nike size will be smaller than Adidas.

Does Adidas Run Big or Small?

If you are wearing Adidas then you don’t have to worry about size because it offers you true to size fit but in comparison to Nike Adidas runs a half size big.

What Is the Difference Between Nike and Adidas?

Both brands are well known for manufacturing shoes and other accessories. Nike is a US base brand while Adidas is a German shoe manufacturer. There is a difference in size measuring in both brands. Adidas is a half size up than Nike.

Is Adidas Sizing True to Size?

If you are an Adidas lover then you don’t have to worry about your shoe size fitting because Adidas shoes are usually true to size.

Final Verdict

We have mentioned all the details about Adidas VS Nike Sizing. You can find all the details here related to shoe measurements and Best Sizing Tips for Nike & Adidas. Nike and Adidas both offer you spectacular shoes but if you are switching in between both brands then it is important to check your size carefully. A perfect fit shoe is the guarantee of comfort for your feet. Now you can easily spot the difference between Adidas and Nike sizing with the help of the measurement charts. If you want to give us your valuable feedback then share your valuable thoughts with us through the comment section.

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