Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support: Perfect Collection Included Flat Feet Shoes

Basketball is one of the most prominent sports in the world which is widely played by teenagers and adults. If you want to live an active lifestyle then playing basketball is the best option to gain benefits.

Basketball is a physically and mentally tough game to perform which requires a lot of physical fitness and endurance. It actually helps you to improve your fitness. It improves your motor coordination, flexibility, strength, speed, and balance. It also boosts your endurance and immune system that helps you to perform the high-intensity game on the basketball court.  

Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

When you are performing this type of high-intensity sports then injuries happen. Ankle Sprains, Achilles Tendonitis, Avulsion Fracture, Plantar fasciitis, Jones fracture, and Ankle stress fractures are the most common foot and ankle injuries that can happen in basketball.

The question arises in mind what is the best thing you can do to avoid common ankle and foot injuries. The simple answer is you can choose the best basketball shoes for wide feet and ankle support. We have sorted out the best basketball shoes for ankle support with deep analysis. 

Now you can easily choose the below-mentioned best supportive and comfortable pair for your feet.  Just have a look at the stylish and best basketball shoes for ankle support and flat feet.

List of Basketball Sneakers for Ankle Support in 2022




Nike Air Jordan XXX5

Air Jordan Xxx5 Center of Gravity

Peak Lou Williams Streetball Master

Peak Lou Williams Streetball Master

Under Armour Lockdown 5

Under Armour Lockdown 5

adidas Harden Stepback Basketball Shoe

Adidas Men’s Harden Stepback Basketball Sneaker

Nike Lebron Witness 5

Nike Lebron Witness 5

1. Air Jordan Xxx5 Center of Gravity

Let the journey begin with the perfect pair of super stylish and supportive Nike Air Jordan XXX5.  The Ultra-light Air Jordan 35 is designed to serve the purpose of athletic needs. The Air Jordan 35 features new key innovations to enhance athletic performance. The new modifications in the Air Jordan 35 are Lightweight and responsive Eclipse plate 2.0, visible cushioning, and new Flight wire cables.

The Ultra-light upper is made of partially translucent materials to enhance ventilation and flexibility. The sculpted Eclipse plate in the midsole is an updated version of the technology from the 34s designed for maximum lateral stability and support. It also gives you an ultra-light experience by reducing the sneaker’s overall weight.

The new flagship model from the Jordan brand showcases Zoom Air cushioning system under the heel and forefoot that provides a springy, responsive midsole. The hollow midsole plate gives visibility of both unit’s edges. The Curved Flight wire cables stitched into the sides give you a secured fit and locked-in feel.

The extra durable rubber outsole is made by using a modified herringbone tread pattern technology that provides you maximum traction and control during your movement. This sneaker is truly comfortable for your outdoor sports activities. These Premium Quality sneakers provide proper cushioning, stability, and support so you can perform well in your sports activities.

Air Jordan is a well known brand in producing womens basketball shoes that are very comfy and come with a classic color combination. Air Jordan 35 is the right choice for your feet if you want to showcase a high-performance basketball game.

  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Sculpted Eclipse Plate for Stability and Support
  • Zoom Air Cushioning System for Comfy and Springy Feel
  • Flight wire cables for Secure Fit
  • Durable Rubber Outsole for Traction and Control
  • Herringbone Tread Pattern Technology
  • Multicolor Overlay
  • True to Size Fit
  • Impact protection
  • Less Padding on the Upper

2. Peak Lou Williams Streetball Master

Looking for comfortable and functional sportswear then Peak High Top is the best choice for your footwear. Lou Williams Streetball Master is designed by using a special layout to provide protection, cushioning, support function, and a comfortable wearing experience.   Peak offers you the most stylish, functional, and comfortable products to maintain high performance in basketball.

The Peak Basketball upper large surface area is made by using flying woven & PP film technology that gives you a breathable and comfortable fit.  The peak surface innovative Synthetic Leather and Textile material provides you protection and Cushioning so your feet will remain dry and you can enjoy your game with full energy.

Its hot-melt process combined with exceptional seamless integrated weaving provides a comfortable fit and stability for high-intensity sports training. The antirollover stabilization module is useful to support the lateral movement of the foot and reduces sprains. The Improved wear-resistant rubber increases the shoe durability.

Streetball Master Outsole consists of translucent rubber with honeycomb traction patterns to give you more traction and stability. Peak Streetball master is a perfect package for basketball enthusiasts to boost their field performance. In this high-performance Lightweight streetball sneaker, your foot can get multiple functions like Cushioning, Breathability, and efficient stability. These Sneakers are worthy to buy as these are the best ankle support basketball shoes for comfortable movement.

  • EVA Sole for Flexibility
  • Seamless Integrated Weaving for Improved Stability
  • RB Upgraded Wear Resistant Rubber for durability
  • Innovative Synthetic Leather and Tech Material
  • Flying Woven & PP Film Technology Upper Surface
  • Anti-rollover to Reduces Sprains and to Support Lateral Movement
  • Anti-slip Outsole for Firm Grip
  • Warped Shoe Toe to Prevent Toe Injury in Field
  • Available in Multiple Colors, Removable Insole
  • Lack Cushioning

3. Under Armour Lockdown 5

Want to buy ultra-light, comfortable, and durable enough footwear then buy the stylish and beautifully designed UA Lockdown 5. UA lockdown 5 is an excellent trainer for your basketball game. These mid-cut basketball sneakers work best for an outdoor court.

These advanced basketball sneakers are made of the mid-top silhouette with engineered perforated leather and synthetic overlays air mesh uppers for superior durability, comfort, and ventilation. The thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film toe cap enhances protection & durability so you can enjoy your game without any injury or harm.

Its pinned-down lace-up closure system gives you a fit lock-down feel for a comfortable performance. UA lockdown 5 features breathable and lightweight Plush sock liner with anti-odor technology for better cushioning, smells, and to prevent the growth of odor-causing microbes. Air mesh tongue gives you better breathability & a comfortable fit for your day-long sports activities.

  • Mid-cut Basketball Sneakers
  • Mid-top Silhouette With Engineered Perforated Leather
  • Synthetic Overlays Air Mesh Uppers
  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Film Toe Cap for Protection
  • Lace-up Closure System for Secure Fit
  • Breathable and Ultra light Plush Sock Liner
  • Anti-odor system to Prevent Odor and to Keep Feet Fresh
  • Air Mesh Tongue for Better Ventilation
  • Eva Foam Midsole for Cushioning and for Better Responsive Ride
  • Non- removable Insole or Sock liner

Its molded folding EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) foam midsole provides cushioning and support for a responsive ride. It has a pull tab in the back for easier on and off. The outsole is made of Durable solid rubber by using herringbone traction pattern technology that provides multi-directional traction for ultimate on-court movement & control. If you are looking for basketball shoes with arch support then your quest is complete here with this amazing lockdown 5 sneaker.

4. Adidas Men’s Harden Stepback Basketball Sneaker

Looking for an ultimate performer for your feet then we present you the Adidas Men’s Harden Stepback Basketball Sneaker. These Adidas basketball sneakers are lightweight, flexible,breathable and come with bounce cushioning and a firm grip to keep you comfortable in all-day-long sports activities. These Sneakers give you a comfortable experience from the time you first step on the court till the game ends.

It’s textile upper with synthetic toe cap gives you an ultra-light and breathable feel. These comfy basketball sneakers give you plenty of perforation to make the inside breathable so your feet will not feel pressure while playing. These shoes come with a lot of padding around the upper, and toe box that gives you a comfortable feel. 

These harden stepback sneakers come with a flexible bounce midsole with a soft heel pillow feel for cushiony comfort and support. The Adidas harden stepback sneaker super grip rubber outsole on the bottom uses a herringbone pattern system to enhance plenty of support and traction whether you’re on a cord or on concrete.

  • Synthetic and Textile Upper for Breathability
  • Flexible Bounce Midsole for Support and Comfort
  • Ergonomic Lacing System for Better Fit
  • Super Grip Rubber Outsole for Stability and Comfort
  • Imported and Available in Wide Colors Range
  • Great Outdoor Option With Comfort Support
  • Durable and Grippy
  • Narrow Arch Area

The ergonomic lacing system provides you a locked-up fit so your stability will not be compromised during the gameplay. Keep your movement comfortable with the best high top basketball shoes for ankle support.

5. Nike Lebron Witness 5

Hit the ground to raise the level of your game performance in these strong, lightweight LeBron Witness 5 basketball shoes. The Nike Lebron Witness 5 upper is made with perforated textile mesh that gives you a lightweight and breathable feel. 

Lebron witness 5 has a super comfortable foam footbed with cozy textile lining inside to give you a restful experience. The Resilient Foam midsole foam design provides you with enough cushioning and support. LeBron Witness 5 has two zoom air units under the ball of your forefoot to give your foot responsiveness and cushioning on every step you take on the court.

The durable rubber outsole with multi-directional traction gives you stability and control over every movement you make. Its rigid heel counter with molded lion graphic helps you to gain strength and stability during your momentum. The lace-up mechanism gives your forefoot a secure fit with a lock-down ankle in the back.  If you don’t want a lace-up system then you can choose the basketball shoe with strap like Nike Lebron Soldier XIII. The padded collar and the tongue give your feet a secure lockdown feel. 

  • Perforated Textile Mesh Upper for Comfort
  • Comfortable Foam Footbed
  • Zoom Air Units for Responsiveness and Cushioning
  • Durable Rubber Outsole with Multi-directional Traction for stability and Control on Momentum
  • Rigid Heel Counter for Stability
  • Good Lace-up Mechanism for Secure Fit
  • Multiple Color Range
  • Tight Fit, Skinny Width

The Lebron Witness 5 is the most comfortable basketball sneaker. Just show your best performance on the court with the super stylish Nike Lebron mens basketball sneakers.

Things to Look Before Buying Basketball Shoes With Ankle Support

Shoe Material:

You should check about the shoe material which is used in making the shoe. If the footwear has bad quality material then it will be torn out soon and you won’t be able to produce a good performance on the court. The material should be durable, flexible, and lightweight so you can easily run and jump on the court without having injuries.

Midsole Cushioning:

It is important that the basketball shoe has a cushioning element in the midsole to avoid foot and ankle injuries. If the shoes you select have less cushioning then it cannot absorb the force of an impact. The shoe must have the right cushioning for comfort and to support ankle movements.

Outsole Grip:

The outsole of the basketball shoes is designed to provide you traction and firm grip. The firm grip gives you stability in the court so you can perform easily. You can check the outsole pattern which best suits indoor and outdoor playing. The indoor surface is made out of wood or maple while the Outdoor surface is made out of concrete or asphalt. The outsole also helps you to prevent slippage while running or jumping according to the court surface.

The Better Fit:

Check for the right fit shoe for your feet so your performance will not be compromised. If your shoe is not a proper fit then it can cause your injury. The right fit gives your ankle area a firm and snug experience. Don’t wear big size or tight shoes because it can cause several problems with your foot.

Are high-top shoes better for ankles?

High-top shoes are the better option to play basketball. The high top provides a good grip on your ankle which reduces the chances of an ankle injury. The high top enhances the protection and cushioning of the ankle area. Most baseball players like to use the high top in comparison to the low top.

What are the best basketball shoes for ankle support?

 Air Jordan XXX5 Center of Gravity

 Peak Lou Williams Streetball Master 

 Under Armour Lockdown 5

 Adidas Men’s Harden Stepback Basketball Sneaker

 Nike Lebron Witness 5

Are basketball shoes good for ankle support?

The basketball ball shoes provide balance and stabilization to your momentum. The enhanced comfort and stabilization protect your ankle against excessive movements.

Why do players tape their ankles?

The players tape the ankle to protect it from reinjury, swelling, and ankle sprains. Taping provides stability to your ankle. Most professional players tape their ankles to decrease the chance of ankle injury.

Is basketball a good way to lose weight?

The basketball game requires a lot of fitness practice. You have to jump and run on the court so you can easily burn your calories by playing basketball. It will boost your muscle strength.


We have sorted out the Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support with the help of our extensive research. If you want good stabilization and protection to avoid injuries then you must try the above-mentioned comfortable footwear in the court. Popular brands like Nike, Lebron, Adidas, and Underarmour made the best womens basketball shoes for ankle support. Get on the basketball court with these performance-made shoes.

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