7 Best Insoles for Nurses: Complete Guide to Use

A nurse’s duty isn’t as easy as it looks. It is one of the toughest jobs which can exhaust your feet’ energy with bad insoles. An up-to-the-mark insole can only give you the required cushioning and support so you can easily take care of patients throughout the day. Don’t make your feet tired and sore with substandard insoles. The best insoles for nurses provide you with the right amount of support and shock absorption from every step you take.

An adequate and reliable footbed can instantly improve your feet’ health by providing all-day relief from plantar fasciitis and from the painful inflammation of the plantar fascia. The right insole prevents stress on the ankles. You can easily customize your footwear for maximum comfort and support with supreme-quality insoles.

An adequate inner sole ensures your feet’ safety and eliminates the risk of foot, heel, ankle, leg, and back pain. There are many benefits of premium quality insoles such as daily wear comfort, better arch support, joint pain relief, prevents blisters, irritation, discomfort, and elimination of muscle fatigue.

If you are on your feet for most of the shift or often walk all over the hospital, then only the supportive and cushioned insoles can give you a comfortable experience so you can easily perform your duties whether it’s a 12hr shift or an 8hr shift. With the proper support insoles, you can smoothly perform your duties without exhausting your feet.

7 Best Insoles for Standing all Day

Get the right support for all-day long support which is only possible with the perfect quality insoles. If you are wondering how you can choose the best insoles for your feet that can give you comfort in all day work then we have analyzed and chosen the Best Shoes Insoles for Nurses so they can easily do their work without hurting their feet. Let’s have a look at the Best Shoes Inserts for Nurses for a comfortable working routine.

Walk Hero Plantar Fasciitis Comfort and Support Feet Insoles

1. Walk Hero Plantar Fasciitis Comfort and Support Feet Insoles

Superfeet Green Maximum Support Orthotic Insole

2. Superfeet Green Maximum Support Orthotic Insole

Powerstep Original Shoe Inserts

3. Powerstep Original Shoe Inserts

Dr. Scholl’s Comfort and Energy Work Insoles

4. Dr. Scholl’s Comfort and Energy Work Insoles

Amitataha Memory Foam Shock Absorption and Cushioning Insoles

5. Amitataha Memory Foam Shock Absorption and Cushioning Insoles

ProFoot Orthotic Insoles

6. ProFoot Orthotic Insoles

7. VoMii PU Memory Foam Insoles

Walk Hero Plantar Fasciitis Comfort and Support Feet Insoles

1. Walk Hero Plantar Fasciitis Arch Supports Orthotics Inserts

What if I tell you that you can eliminate the risk of stress, pain, bunions, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, and also Ball of Foot pain? It is only possible with the one and only Walk Hero Plantar Fasciitis Comfort and Support Feet Insoles. We have placed Walk Hero Plantar Orthotics Inserts on 1st rank due to the significant comfort and support.

The Deep Heel Cup is designed to maintain foot positioning and protect the heel from the strong impact of landing while walking. Deep Heel Cup ensures the even distribution of your weight while standing or walking. The supreme quality EVA material is used to give you excellent shock absorption and pain relief experience.

The Breathable 3d mesh composite fabric proves helpful to keep your feet cool, dry, and comfortable. The walk hero insoles are made with durable velvet cover for an odorless experience and to eliminate bacterial elements.

If you want balance control and support while walking, then these insoles are the best solution to boost comfort and cushioning. Now equip your feet with these premium quality insoles to give your feet some rest. We have tested these insoles and found them comfy for standing long hours at work.


  • Eliminate the Key Factor of Stress, Pain, Bunions, Arthritis, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis.
  • Specifically designed Deep Heel Cup for Foot Stability.
  • Supreme Quality EVA Material for Shock Absorption.
  • Breathable 3d Mesh Composite Fabric for a Dry and Comfy Experience.


  • Feel a Bit Hard.
Superfeet Green Maximum Support Orthotic Insole

2. Superfeet Green Maximum Support Orthotic Insole

Is your life miserable due to constant foot pain and want to get rid of this agony? Well, you can finish this suffering by using Superfeet Green orthotic maximum support insoles. We have placed this insole on 2nd rank due to their superior comfort experience.

These full-length, professional-grade Superfeet Green Maximum Support Orthotic Insole performance insoles will keep you on your toes throughout your hectic shift. A deep and wide heel cup provides superior cushioning, extraordinary support and also proves helpful as a natural shock absorber.

The high-relief Superfeet insoles shape provides firmness and also reduces tension on muscles. Green Superfeet soles feature high-density closed-cell foam that provides cushioning and lasting comfort on hard surfaces. The Superfeet green orthotic Insole comes with a built-in stability cap for additional structure and support.

The Superfeet green orthotic Insole organic odor-control overlay keeps your feet fresh and odorless all over the day. The Superfeet Green insoles have a biomechanical design that improves pronation by cradling the heel. We have examined this insole and found them good in minimizing stress on feet.


  • Deep and Wide Heel Cup Provides Superior Cushioning, and Extraordinary Support.
  • Green Superfeet Insoles Feature High-Density Closed-Cell Foam that Provides Cushioning and Comfort.
  • Built-in Stability Cap Provides Additional Support.
  • Organic Odor-Control Overlay for Odorless Feet’s.


  • A Bit Expensive.
Powerstep Original Shoe Inserts

3. Powerstep Original Shoe Inserts

Give relief to your feet with the clinically proven and professionally recommended Powerstep original thin pain relief inserts that give you instant relief from foot pain and improve foot mobility. We have placed these inserts in the number 3 position due to their top rankings and superior support. The Powerstep Original Thin Arch Support and spain relief insoles come up with Low profile foam and Eva base material to ensure a dual-layer cushioning system in lower-profile shoes.

These Powerstep original thin Orthotic Insoles are equipped with a semi-rigid support shell that enhances comfort and steadiness. Neutral Arch Support and Heel Cradle is the prime feature of this insole that gives heel stability.

The PowerStep full-length insoles come up with built-in neutral arch support and dual layers of cushioning that provide the perfect combination of comfort and support in a low-profile shoe. The Original insoles minimize stress on feet, ankles, joints, and tendons so you can work with ease and comfort.

The Powerstep original insoles are made with supreme quality antimicrobial fabric to prevent heat, friction, and wetness. It also helps to keep your feet dry throughout your long shifts. We have tested Powerstep Original Insoles and found them best to get relief from Over-Pronation, Foot, Arch & Heel pain.


  • Clinically Proven and Recommended for Instant Pain Relief.
  • Low Profile Foam and Eva Base Material to Ensure Dual-layer Cushioning System.
  • Heel Cradle to Secure Foot Movement and to Release Stress on Muscles.
  • Supreme Quality Antimicrobial Fabric to Prevent Heat, Friction, and Wetness.


  • No Return Policy.
Dr. Scholl’s Comfort and Energy Work Insoles

4. Dr. Scholl’s Comfort and Energy Work Insoles

Dr. Scholl work insoles are developed for people who work on solid surfaces and face discomfort and fatigue in the feet that’s the reason we have placed Dr. Scholl’s insoles in the 4th position due to their Massaging Gel cushioning system.

Your legs can be more productive by using Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Insoles. These Dr. Scholl’s comfort and energy insoles ensure superior comfort and cushioning for people facing difficulties standing on their feet during their work shifts.

Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Advanced softer and bouncier gel waves provide more energy and comfort so your feet can stay active all day. The ripple wave with bouncer gel in the heel ensures heel protection. The softer gel waves in the ball-of-foot area are responsible for cushioning and energy return.

Muscle fatigue can cause your feet swelling soreness and tiredness that makes your momentum difficult. Dr. Scholl’s Insoles are a great option to eliminate the risk of muscle fatigue. These insoles prove helpful for people who work on their feet in long hectic shifts and suffer discomfort and fatigue in their feet.

Dr. Scholl’s Comfort and Energy Work Insoles are designed with cooling vents that keep your feet ventilated and dry all day. These insoles are examined by our experts, and they found them best for comfort and long-hour support.


  • Massage Gel Cushioning System for Shock Absorption.
  • Massaging Gel Technology for Advanced Cushioning.
  • Cooling Vents Keep the Foot Dry.
  • Rugged Construction Designed for a Comfortable Experience on Solid Surfaces.


  • Not Thick Enough.
Amitataha Memory Foam Shock Absorption and Cushioning Insoles

5. Amitataha Memory Foam Insoles

The Amitataha Memory Foam shoe inserts are the best fit for sports and secure the impact point or base of the feet. We have placed this insole in 5th rank due to its affordable price and excellent comfort.

The high arch support insole has changed the power structure of the foot giving a perfect answer for those with level feet, inflexible advances, high, feeble, fallen curves. There are two types of Arch Support one is in form of Black High elastic Memory foam material and the second is in Yellow Soft Memory foam Material.

The cushioning of these insoles is also helpful for foot relief and Shock-absorption. Moreover, it is best suitable for sports shoes, flat shoes, boots, and even all kinds of shoes. All in all, flexibility and soft foam give comfort and support for the whole day.

Similarly, when we talk about the material of these insoles then they are made of high-quality and durable medical-grade Velvet and PU material. These insoles are tested by our team, and they found them perfect to get relief from flat feet, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, foot callus, foot corn, and heel spur.


  • Black High elastic Memory Foam Material.
  • Yellow Soft Memory Foam Material.
  • Medical-Grade Velvet and PU Material.
  • Flexible and Soft Foam for Enhance Comfort.


  • Hard Edges.
ProFoot Orthotic Insoles

6. ProFoot Orthotic Insoles

The sixth addition to our list is  Profoot Orthotic Insoles which are good for heel pain and Planter fasciitis. Among all, these insoles are the most therapeutic thing for early morning Plantar Fasciitis and any kind of heel pain. So, these insoles are most demanded by professionals who have to work from early dawn till night.

The most distinguishing and unique thing in this gel insole is plantar fasciitis wide support. And secondly, the unique Orthotic heel design also supports the heel muscles. It is specifically made for persons who need heel support while walking and standing.

Further, these insoles are best known for comfort and heel support. The arch support of the heel helps in a comfy walk and also standing all day. We recommend these insoles for shoes that don’t have enough back support. These insoles lift up your feet and help you in walking comfortably by distributing all the stress equally.

These ProFoot Orthotic insoles are available in free sizes. These are available for both genders in the desired size. But it is only used for heel support. These insoles are best manufactured with gel insert quality.

The material of this product is flexible and durable. You can use these insoles with every shoe type without any discrimination. We have tested these insoles and found them best for comfy support.


  • Best to Get Relief from Aching Pain in the Heel, or a Burning, Stabbing Pain in Your Foot.
  • Gel Insole Heel.
  • Deep Heel Cup Enhances Stability and Heel Support.


  • Not for High-Arch Support.
VoMii PU Memory Foam Insoles

7. VoMii PU Memory Foam Insoles

The last addition to our list is VoMii PU Memory Foam Insoles that provide you the best comfy experience. The VoMii Insoles are the best option to alleviate your foot’s pain. This removable shoe insert is manufactured with flexible memory foam and the heel cup design ensures stability and support so your feet will not feel pain and soreness anymore at the end of the day.

The Gel Pad system below the heel proved beneficial to absorb shock and lessening pressure on the heel. The VoMii Memory Foam Insoles provides protection against muscle fatigue, heel spur, plantar fasciitis, and other foot ache problem. These comfortable orthotic insoles give you a pleasurable walking experience that feels like you are walking on clouds.

The premium quality and sturdy fabric work best for sweat absorption and moisture removal. The medical-grade velvet keeps your feet dry so you can walk with comfort and ease. The VoMii Memory Foam Insoles come with ventilation holes that give your feet a breathable experience. Our experts have tested these insoles and they got good stability and better functionality.


  • Deep Heel Cradle Design Ensure Stability and Heel Support.
  • Shock-Absorbing Gel Pads to Alleviate the Pain.
  • Relieve Stress from the Feet with High Arch Support.
  • Premium Fabric and Ventilation Holes for Breathable and Cool Experience.


  • Weird Smell.

Why Do You Need an Insole for Your Shoe?

For a more and better understanding let’s discuss an important aspect of the insole. First of all, why do we need an extra insole for our shoe if every shoe already has an insole by default? 

So, let me clear one thing: the insole is a piece that is placed inside the shoe for extra comfort, warmth, and support. There are some important or common features and reasons why you need an insole for a shoe. Let’s have a look at all of them one by one.

Better Comfy Fit Experience:

Standard shoe sizes can fit contrastingly relying upon where you shop, and it can regularly be hard to locate a half size. Now and again the most ideal alternative is to pick a shoe that is somewhat too huge, at that point add an insole to top off somewhat more of the shoe for a tight fit. The best insole for shoes that are too enormous relies upon your own inclination. You can generally layer several unique insoles on one another to cushion the shoe out.

Adds More Warmth to your Shoes:

Just as making your shoes fit better, insoles can likewise enable your feet to feel warmer. Including an additional layer that encourages you to protect your feet in a colder climate.

Prevention Against Blisters:

Insoles can likewise assist with forestalling blisters. A more tight-fitting shoe won’t rub so a lot and cause aggravation and distress.

Helps in Improved Posture:

Insoles can likewise be utilized to help the right issues with the pose. These kinds of insoles are particular and are known as orthotics or orthotic insoles. They can be uniquely designed to give proper treatment to specific issues that influence standing, strolling, or running offering curve help where it is required.

Types of Nursing Insoles

The second most important question that comes here is which insole is best for which situation. And if we talk about, especially for nurse’s insoles then types of nursing insoles are a common thing to know first. There are many Nursing insoles but the most demanded and used insoles are listed under here.

Cushioned Arch Support Insoles:

These types of insoles best provide a deeper heel cup, flexibility, and cushioned padding. In comparison with Orthotic insoles, these insoles have little arch support all in all.

Orthotic Arch Support Insoles:

These insoles are most demanded among nurses because of high arch support. They improve solidness and backing without being excessively hardened and fit in with the bends of your feet. Causing you to feel good throughout the day, they can help forestall plantar fasciitis, supination, over pronation, and other foot issues in any event.

Gel Insoles:

These types of insoles are commonly thicker than all other insoles. They do the best employment in shock absorption and are extraordinary for individuals inferred in exercises, for example, strolling or representing hours. On account of the great stun retention, these insoles can lessen foot pain.

6 Requirements for Buying Nursing Insoles

So, let’s have a deep look at the requirements for buying nursing insoles. These insoles should have these features.

Better Arch Support:

Many foot issues come from off-base curve support. Those with low curves need firm help while those with high curves or nonpartisan curves may require something gentler. The correct curve backing can forestall foot issues like plantar fasciitis from framing or deterioration.

Odor and Moisture Control:

Remaining on your feet for extensive stretches of time like medical attendants will in general do can prompt hot, sweat-soaked feet. Sweat-soaked feet at that point lead to foul smells in the shoes. Supplements that wick away dampness and control smells with trend-setting innovation can leave shoes fresher and feet cooler and drier.

Trim to Fit:

A few insoles can be cut to fit shoes by basically cutting them with some scissors or another sharp-edge shaper. The trim-to-fit insoles are useful for individuals who are between shoe estimates or have more extensive or increasingly limited feet. Since they can make their own specially accommodated that is substantially more agreeable.


Standing or strolling for quite a while may effectively put a cost on your feet. Padded insoles have the job of retaining stuns and upgrading your general solace. That is the reason the best insoles are those produced using EVA material.

Heel Cup:

Something else you should check is the profundity of the heel cup. Probably the most famous insoles for medical caretakers have a profound heel cup since it improves comfort, lessens the weight on your heel bone, and further upgrades curve support.


Putting resources into an insole that is not breathable can undoubtedly break the arrangement. Sweat-soaked feet can prompt rankles and microbial development, which can in the long run transform into a competitor’s foot condition. It is fundamental to purchase breathable insoles that can keep your feet cool and glad. A few models are even implanted with antimicrobial specialists that forestall the advancement of smells.

Insoles Buyers Guide for Nurses

This is the best buyer’s guide for nurses that gives you complete guidance about the Best Insole for Nurses.

Premium Quality Material:

The supreme quality material is essential in a shoe insert for long-time usage. If the insoles are of poor quality, they will not give you a comfortable experience all day long. The insoles can be made of different materials such as Memory foam, Polyurethane Foam, gel, cork, and leather.  Every different material has its own features such as cushioning, shock absorption, and arch support.  If the material is not good then the insole will not give you the required comfort.

Cushioning and Shock Absorption:

Cushioning and Shock Absorption is another eminent feature of a good insole. Always check for the insole that provides you with the best cushioning and shock absorption system. Every insole is equipped with different cushioning materials such as Massaging Gel, Premium Eva material, (EPDM) Sponge Rubber, Latex foam, Duleur foam, and polyurethane foam. Always look out for the best cushioning system to give your feet a comfy and cozy experience.

Choose the Right Arch Support:

Do you ever think about why arch support is required and how can you get the right arch support? First of all, you must identify the type of arc support essential at your feet. The insole comes with different arc supports such as Neutral Arch Support, Low Arch Support, High Arch Support, and Adaptable Arch Support. 

The correctly chosen arch support insoles rapidly improve foot pain conditions associated with arch of the foot such as overpronation, foot fatigue, plantar fasciitis, inflammatory arthritis, and frequent Foot Pain. If you want to get relief from your foot arch pain and want to improve feet health condition then first identify the required arch support and select the best arch support insoles for relief and comfort.

Odor Control Features:

Are you tired of sweating feet and want to get rid of wetness?  Supreme quality insoles are made with odor control features to keep feet ventilated and fresh for long hours of work shifts. The insoles are made with the finest supreme fabric and ventilated holes that keep your feet cool, energetic, and breathable all day long. Just check for good quality antibacterial and moisture control fabric in the insole before buying.

Final Thoughts

We have precisely chosen the best pain relief insoles for your feet. We have analyzed and checked the various features of these insoles so you can use the finest insoles to improve your foot pain conditions. Each above-mentioned insole has different features and we have explained it all so you can easily select the supreme quality insole without any difficulty. Just feel free to share your thoughts on this article and let us know was this article proves beneficial for your feet health.

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