Best Walking Shoes for Overweight Women

Your Health is a vital element for a healthy lifestyle but being overweight is the biggest hurdle for an active and pleasant lifestyle. If you have a desire to live a healthy life then you have to get rid of your obeseness. Corpulence is the biggest enemy of your health that causes you severe health issues. But don’t be disappointed, there is a solution to give your utmost relief from your overweight issues.

best walking shoes for overweight women

Let me tell you honestly Walking is the best approach to improve your health and fitness.  Your excessive weight puts pressure on your joints, ankles, and lower limbs which make it difficult for you to walk easily. Your feet cannot handle your weight without supportive and comfortable shoes. Best Walking Shoes for Overweight Women gives relief from pain and provides comfortable support to your ankles and joints. They can easily absorb hard impacts on rough surfaces and you can enjoy your long walk.

It can be really tricky and tough for you to choose the best pair to support your feet. There are many products available on the market but the best one will give you a guaranteed comfort. And you know what? We have examined various products and bring the best out of them for your foot care.

But here’s the interesting thing that you don’t have to think much about choosing a comfy pair. Just have a look at the lightweight and comfortable shoes below to begin your journey.

1. New Balance Women’s 928V3 Shoe:

New Balance Women’s 928V3 is the ultimate solution to Spark your feet. If you want to start your fitness journey again then tie up the Women’s 928 V3 Lace-up Walking footwear. It is an imported product with genuine leather made to give you a voguish look and provide extra protection to your feet. The bottom rubber sole gives you a flexible and enduring experience.

The midsole Abzorb Cushioning and compression resistance system absorbs body impact on hard surfaces and keeps your feet restful while standing or walking. New Balance has introduced RollBar technology that helps to lessen rear foot movement to increase stability and support. Its Unique Walking Strike Path feature equalizes and guides the foot through the walking gait cycle. The NDurance rubber outsole technology enhances robustness in high-wear areas.

These New Balance Women’s 928V3 walking shoes have removable PU foam footbed to provide endurance and comfort for long pleasant walks. New Balance Phantom Liner Phantom Liner provides Smooth transition and Eliminates the Risk of Shearing, Blistering, and Friction. Anti-odor elements help you to get rid of foot odor and keep your foot active for long-hour activities.

Consistent quality and comfort support are the key features of New Balance Women’s 928V3 Walking Shoe. This footwear is immensely effective to handle your body’s extra weight. You can wear this supportive pair in your work routine or for a pleasant walk without any insecurity about being overweight. You can wear this amazing pair for motion control and superior stability.

  • ABZORB Cushioning System
  • Imported and Pure Leather quality
  • Walking Strike Path to Guide Your Foot into Natural Motion
  • ROLLBAR Stability Technology to Control Rear-Foot Movement
  • Shorter Tongue Issue

2. Vionic Women’s Walker Classic:

Are you in quest of a good and supporting pair to address your overweight concern then your quest is complete with Vionic Women’s Walker Classic Walking Shoes with Concealed Orthotic Arch Support. These are the best stability shoes in the market to tackle your overweight issues. If you want support and comfort altogether then there is nothing better than Vionic Women’s Walker Classic.

Pure Leather is used to design this perfect pair for a diverse and stylish look. Synthetic sole makes it versatile, flexible, and lightweight for good traction. Its removable podiatrist-designed EVA Insole enhanced its special cushioning properties that help to absorb the impact of every step you take. EVA Insole helps you to reduce foot and heel pain. Ethylene-vinyl acetate material is highly resistant to heat and cold.

The suede upper is made of water-resistant leather to give smoothness and sharpness. Vionic Women’s Walker Classic is composed of a sturdy rubber outsole for stability on treacherous surfaces. Vionic Women’s Walker Classic features Active Motion System technology to provide utmost comfort and to enhance your walking pattern efficiency.  You can wear this shoe for long hours working or for a leisurely stroll. If you don’t want to skip your workout sessions then Women’s Walker Classic is your finest companion for your cardio & other exercises.

The midsole is pliable and gives a firm grip on your foot. Women’s Walker Classic thermoplastic heel gives you a better option to improve your foot stability.  Its collar makes your foot grip sturdy and keeps your foot secure in place. APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) Seal of Acceptance makes this product immensely effective for your foot health. Women’s Walker Classic with Concealed Orthotic Arch Support is the perfect blend of style and science to provide uttermost comfort and fit.

  • Genuine Leather Quality
  • Suede Upper Water Resistant Leather
  • Removable Extra Supportive EVA Insole
  • Flexible Midsole for Absorbing Body Shock
  • Less Durable Sole At Toes Side

3. ASICS Gel-Quantum 180 4 Trainer:

Wondering what best for your running Routine while being overweight then instantly grab the Pair of Asics Gel-Quantum 180 4 Trainer to bring power to your steps. These are specifically designed footwear for fitness lovers to maintain their healthy activities. Now Overweight is not a big deal with these comfy Gel-Quantum 180 4 Women’s Running Shoes.

Synthetic-Mesh is quite good for your foot health care. It gives you a Comfy Lightweight experience and a sporty upper look. Seamless forefoot Construction helps you to get rid of irritations. It’s Easy lace-up system gives your foot a good fit. Light Padding around the ankle gives you thickness soft cushioning and improves fit.

AHAR high abrasion rubber outsole of the ASICS Gel-Quantum gives excellent abrasion resistance, cushioning and durability. Trusstic System Technology helps to stabilize the foot movement and prevent them from twisting and turning during movement.

The midsole is designed with lightweight Solyte Material feather-light than ASICS’ standard EVA and SpEVA. Which enhances its cushioning and durability. Its soft Fabric lining covers the inside seams to give it an extraordinary lifespan. ASICS Gel-Quantum 180 4 has a removable Ortholite insole for exceptional comfort and to minimize the friction between feet. ComforDry Lasting material is an eminent feature that provides superlative moisture management and breathability to keep the underfoot fresh and comfortable during a run or walk.

The Forefoot and Rearfoot GEL Cushioning is a soft material used for shock absorption and protection during the impact. HG10MM Heel Gradient Technology shifts body mass stress on the lower limbs to lessen the possible risk of injury during running or athletic performance. If you are a plus size then it can prove a good resource for your pain-free weight loss journey.

  • Lightweight just as 1.6 Pounds
  • Synthetic-Mesh Comfy Lightweight Experience
  • Light Padding for Improve Fit
  • GEL Cushioning Shock Absorption System
  • Wide Width is Not Available in This Style

4. Saucony Versafoam Cohesion 12 Sneakers:

Want to get freedom from corpulence then select the best Women’s VERSAFOAM Cohesion 12 Sneakers to run with freedom.  Let me tell you about its athletic style performance that gives you the real experience of a healthy lifestyle. It is considered an ultra-light running shoe for your all-day long working with extra comfort.

It is an imported product which assures its credibility. It is made up of stylish and breathable synthetic mesh upper. Flexible Rubber overlay provides you protection from the impact generated from hard ground. Saucony is using GRID and VERSAFOAM technology for premium cushioning and stability in the heel.

Saucony Versafoam rubber outsole gives you cushioning and support during the first run. Versafoam Cushioning is highly supportive and comfortable on the heel and forefoot. These are neutral sneakers specifically designed for runners to abolish their excessive pronation and give extra comfy support.  Removable Insole, Extra toe room, and soft cushioning are the key features of these VERSAFOAM Cohesion 12 Women’s Road Running Shoes.

These Sneakers are the best for overweight runners to boost their confidence. These are high-quality sneakers that come at an affordable price. The weight of these sneakers is just 1.35 Pounds which gives an ultra-light and smooth experience in long-standing hours. What are you waiting for? Just make your feet comfortable with these reliable and comfy Saucony Versafoam Sneakers.

  • Imported Made Stylish Sneaker
  • Highly Pliable and Sturdy Rubber Outsole
  • Supportive and Smooth Rubber Overlays
  • Grid and Versafoam Technology for Premium Comfort
  • Not a Stability Sneaker

5. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 for Women’s:

Go faster, Go stronger and Never stop exploring with these preeminent Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 Women’s Sneakers. Adrenaline GTS 21 is the ideal sneakers for Long Distance walk and running and for other fitness activities. These are the best sneakers for overweight women willing to start a new chapter of a healthy life.


The persistence and stability of these sneakers make them the most desirable Shoe for Plus Size Women. It’s a USA-made product with unmatchable quality standards. Newly engineered 3D Fit Print synthetic and flexible mesh upper provides you more breathability and stability around the foot to move freely. Rubber Sole is used in these sneakers to give you a safer, secure, and comfy feel while running on rough terrains.

Every runner has a different style of running and for that purpose DNA Loft and BioMoGo DNA midsoles are used to enhance your cushioning experience. This loft foam is firm and responsive that gently absorbs your impact for a stable landing. Brook uses its GuideRails support system to provide extraordinary support to your knee and allow your body to rotate within its motion path. These are the best walking shoes for overweight women with flat feet to keep you moving comfortably by putting excess movement in check.

This Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 is designed for runners looking for springy and responsive stride. It gives reliable support and high energizing cushioning to your foot so you can enjoy your run despite weight issues. It is also a certified PDAC A5500 Diabetic shoe. These are highly recommended sneakers especially if you want to get rid of your obeseness.

  • Best Trainer for Overweight Women’s
  • Synthetic and Mesh Soft Material for Comfort
  • Guide Rail Support System for Comfortable Movement
  • Great for Overpronation and Plantar Fasciitis
  • Limited Versatility

Causes of Obesity

You cannot move freely while being obese. An unhealthy and Rough lifestyle is the biggest element for obesity. You cannot easily walk or run because your feet are unable to bear your excessive body weight. If you correctly analyze your weakness then you can easily develop your strength. Let me tell you about the causes of being overweight that make you inactive and tired.

  1. Excessive use of Junk Food 
  2. Lack of Fitness Activities
  3. High Intake of Sugary Soft Drinks
  4. Weak Willpower
  5. Poor Sleeping Habits
  6. Genetics and  Medical Reasons
  7. Less Physical Activities

Overweight Effects on Feet

Your feet are a vital part of your body. It is essential to keep good care of your foot for smooth and comfortable mobilization. Overweight is harmful to your foot health. Excessive weight stops you from doing physical activities like walking and running.

In a Struggle to walk you put immense stress on foot joints and muscles which can cause you various foot problems. The uneven distribution of weight restricts your movement and you start struggling to maintain your body balance while walking. Let me tell you the side effect of being overweight on your feet.

  1. Arthritis
  2. Tendonitis
  3. Ankel Pain
  4. Diabetes 
  5. Plantar Fasciitis
  6. Reduced Bone Density
  7. Edema in Foot and Ankle
  8. Imbalance Foot Momentum
  9. Bunion

Things to Keep in Mind before Buying Shoes

There are certain things to check before buying a pair for your feet. Foot care is important to live a healthy and rich lifestyle. You need supportive footwear that handles your body weight and puts less stress on your joints. It is important to wear the right shoe for a balanced momentum. Your feet will never feel the same pain again while walking.

Shoe Specifications

You should check the complete specification of the product before buying. It gives you an idea about the material and stuff used in making the footwear. You can choose the best comfort shoe for you when you have complete knowledge about the product anatomy. In this way, you can save both your money and time.


Your Footwear upper should be Airy. If the upper is breathable then it will keep your feet fresh and dry. Breathability makes your walking or running comfortable so you don’t have to experience irritation and Wetness. Choose the Walking show that keeps your foot fresh.

Right Fit

Check for footwear that fits your feet.  If you wear the wrong size then you will start feeling pain in your foot. The toe Box should be wide so you can easily spread out your toes while walking.  Don’t choose the footwear that pinches or squeezes your feet. Right Fit gives you a stable momentum to handle your body weight.

Support and Cushioning

Always look for a shoe that gives you extra support and cushioning for a balanced walking Style. It improves your Walking posture and Increases your muscle stiffness to absorb the impact while walking. It also helps to distribute equal pressure on your feet so you can have a pain walking free experience.

Policy Check

It is a very important factor while buying your stuff.  You should carefully read all the company policies to avoid any inconvenience. The policy gives you awareness about every single detail about return and change policy.

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ’s)

How does overweight affect your feet?

Obesity is harmful to your foot health. Your excessive body weight puts stress on your joints and lower limbs which exposes you to Arthritis, Bunion, Plantar Fasciitis, Foot Swelling, and Ankle Pain issues.

Is Walking Good for Overweight?

Yes, It is indeed a healthy activity to reduce your body weight. It keeps you active and fresh throughout the day. Walking with comfy shoes improves your balance and strengthens your bones. Walking reduces the risk of hypertension, high cholesterol, joint, and muscular stiffness.

How did shoes help with your Obesity?

Shoes for overweight walkers are specifically designed for feet to control the body weight and to absorb the pressure of hard impact. Extra cushioning and support give you a comfortable experience and stability in walking.  It helps to regain momentum so you can easily walk without pain. When you start walking and running your weight will tend to decrease.

What should you do to Avoid Obesity?

You can easily live a healthy lifestyle by avoiding the things that increase your weight. You can eat healthy food full of nutrition and avoid junk food consumption. You should do walking or running to burn your body fat and to boost up your activeness.

Final Verdict

We hope that our expertise in choosing the Best Walking Shoes for Overweight Women will be beneficial for you. Our detailed guide will give you complete information about the product specification that helps you to choose the perfect companion for your feet. Don’t let your feet suffer from the wrong quality shoes. It’s time to shine your feet with these amazing Comfy and Durable Shoes.

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