Best Walking Shoes for Overweight Women

Your Health is vital for a healthy lifestyle, but being overweight is the biggest hurdle to an active and pleasant lifestyle. If you desire to live a healthy life then you have to get rid of your obeseness. Corpulence is the biggest enemy of your health that causes you severe health issues. But don’t be disappointed, there is a solution to give your utmost relief from your overweight problems.

Let me tell you honestly Walking is the best approach to improving your health and fitness. Your excessive weight puts pressure on your joints, ankles, and lower limbs which makes it difficult for you to walk easily. Your feet cannot handle your weight without supportive and comfortable shoes. Best Walking Shoes for Overweight Women gives relief from pain and provides comfortable support to your ankles and joints. They can easily absorb hard impacts on rough surfaces and you can enjoy your long walk.

It can be really tricky and tough for you to choose the best pair to support your feet. There are many products available on the market but you don’t have much time to try various products that will give you guaranteed comfort and for that purpose, we have tried various products just to give you the ultimate foot care solution. Our team has tested many shoes and chosen the top 5 Best Walking Shoes for Overweight Women.

List of Best Walking Shoes for Overweight Women

Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 21

1. Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 21

Saucony Women’s VERSAFOAM Cohesion 12

2. Saucony Women’s VERSAFOAM Cohesion 12

Vionic Women’s Walker Classic Shoes

3. Vionic Women’s Walker Classic Shoes

New Balance Women’s 928 V3 Lace-up

4. New Balance Women’s 928 V3 Lace-up

ASICS Gel-Quantum 180 4 Running Shoes

5. ASICS Gel-Quantum 180 4 Running Shoes

Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 21

1. Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 21 Running Shoe: #1 Recommended

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 is fine modernized fit footwear for every woman. Being overweight is not a burden anymore when you can wear balanced and soft cushioned footwear. If you are looking for supreme softness and smoothness then Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 is the ultimate solution for your feet.

Why have we put these shoes on number1? Well, the pre-eminent features of this beautiful craftsmanship make it the top choice for overweight women. We would like to guide you through its distinguished features which make it a top-rated shoe.

The DNA Loft Crash Pad along with the BioMoGo DNA system offers supreme cushioning and better shock absorption on every stride. The new engineered air mesh upper with 3D fit print gives a secure fit and improves breathability to keep your feet fresh. The GuideRails holistic support technology keeps your body aligned and assists to find a natural motion path while running or walking.

The reason why we choose Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 is due to their DNA loft crash pad cushioning and holistic support system. The overall rating of this product is exceptional which gives this product superiority. We have also added the product picture tested by our professional team.


  • Best Trainer for Overweight Women’s.
  • Synthetic and Mesh Soft Material for Comfort.
  • Guide Rail Support System for Comfortable Movement.
  • Great for Over pronation and Plantar Fasciitis.


  • Limited Versatility.
Saucony Women’s VERSAFOAM Cohesion 12

2. Saucony Women’s VersafoamCohesion 12

The Saucony Versafoam Cohesion 12 is the second leading shoe in our list reviewed by the professional team. The reason to put this footwear on the second rank is due to the economical price and distinguished features.

The synthetic mesh upper provides flexibility and breathability in tuff environments. The rubber overlays keep the shoe structure intact.  The VersaFoam cushioning adds softness while the Grid technology provides enhances stability.The rubber outsole enhances shoe life by adding durability in it so you can enjoy your walk on uneven surfaces. The Cohesion 12 is made to enhance your performance in running or waking that will allows you to focus more on your activity.If you want to give relief to your feet then you can consider these shoes for supreme quality and various features.

What are you waiting for? We have examined this product and found this product durable and breathable as you can see in the below picture. Our expert opinion will make it easy for you to choose the super-performer Saucony Versafoam Sneakers.


  • Imported Made Stylish Sneaker.
  • Highly Pliable and Sturdy Rubber Outsole.
  • Supportive and Smooth Rubber Overlays.
  • Grid and Versafoam Technology for Premium Comfort.


  • Fit Slightly Smaller.
Vionic Women’s Walker Classic Shoes

3. Vionic Women’s Walker Classic Shoes

What makes these shoes so special that our team put this product on 3rd rank? Well let me tell you these shoes are orthotic insole sneakers and comes with trendy sporty design that can be used for a short stroll, long-distance walking, at work or outside the home.

These full-grain water repellent leather or suede upper is super lightweight, breathable and the outsole offers great flexibility, traction and cushioning. The Advanced Motion System technology (AMS) is the prominent feature of this shoe that provides optimal support, stability and comfort for overweight women. The polyester mesh liner with PU foam base minimizes skin friction.

The removable orthotic EVA footbed features an anti-bacterial cloth to finish foot odor. The Vionic offers Three-Zone Comfort technology for superior stability, cushioning, and ultimate arch support. The removable molded EVA midsole built-in .5″ elevation provides a smooth transition. The solid thermoplastic heel counter enhances stability and support on each step.

Our experts have tried these shoes and found them comfortable because of the orthotic insole and three-zone comfort technology. The stability, cushioning, and ultimate arch support are the prominent features of these shoes.


  • Genuine Leather Quality.
  • Suede Upper Water Resistant Leather.
  • Removable Extra Supportive EVA Insole.
  • Flexible Midsole for Absorbing Body Shock.


  • Less Durable Sole At Toes Side.
New Balance Women’s 928 V3 Lace-up

4. New Balance Women’s 928 V3 Lace-up

The 4th rank shoe in our list is the New Balance 928V3 sneaker due to its positive ratings and it is a bit more expensive than the above-mentioned sneakers. This is one of the best superior quality sneakers with a genuine leather upper that provides a perfect fit and breathability. The outsole is made of rubber to withstand rough surfaces.

The ABZORB technology is one of the prominent features of this sneaker which gives you a superior cushioning and compression resistance experience. The insole of this sneaker is removable and made with PU foam for a rich comfort experience. The following highlighted feature of this sneaker is the ROLLBAR stability system designed to minimize rear-foot movement.

We have tried New Balance 928 V3 Shoes that are equipped with Rollbar stability and Abzorb cushioning technologies that will not put a burden on your feet. If you want to spend your money on a credible sneaker rich in comfort then the New Balance 928 V3 can prove a good companion for your feet.


  • ABZORB Cushioning System.
  • Imported and Pure Leather quality.
  • Walking Strike Path to Guide Your Foot into Natural Motion.
  • Rollbar Stability Technology to Control Rear-Foot Movement.


  • Shorter Tongue Issue.
ASICS Gel-Quantum 180 4 Running Shoes

5. ASICS Gel-Quantum 180 4 Running Shoes

Want to get super cushioning and all-day support then you must try ASICS Gel-Quantum 180 4 shoes. This is one of the best-underrated sport-style shoes ranked last in the list due to fewer ratings than the above-mentioned shoes. This sneaker is a perfect blend of fashion and function.

The upper is made of knitted mesh that gives you flexibility and a secure fit. The seamless construction of this sneaker removes the factor of irritation and friction. The Ortholite Sockliner Moisture management system keeps your feet cool and dry. The outer sole is made of ASICS High Abrasion Rubber for excellent abrasion resistance and durability.

The use of the Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel system enhances cushioning, reduces impact, and allows smooth transition. The Gel also provides you with superior comfort and cushioning experience. The Trusstic technology helps to reduce the weight of the sole in order to provide stable movements. The Asics use Solyte lighter weight midsole material for supreme cushioning.

Just to ensure superior comfort and prime quality our experts have selected these shoes and found them one of the best footwear due to Trusstic and Quantum 180 tooling system.


  • Lightweight just as 1.6 Pounds.
  • Synthetic-Mesh Comfy Lightweight Experience.
  • Light Padding for Improve Fit.
  • GEL Cushioning Shock Absorption System.


  • Wide Width is Not Available in This Style.

Causes of Obesity

You cannot move freely while being obese. An unhealthy and rough lifestyle is the biggest element of obesity. You cannot easily walk or run because your feet are unable to bear your excessive body weight. If you correctly analyze your weakness then you can easily develop your strength. Let me tell you about the causes of being overweight that make you inactive and tired.

  1. Excessive use of Junk Food 
  2. Lack of Fitness Activities
  3. High Intake of Sugary Soft Drinks
  4. Weak Willpower
  5. Poor Sleeping Habits
  6. Genetics and  Medical Reasons
  7. Less Physical Activities

Overweight Effects on Feet

Your feet are a vital part of your body. It is essential to keep good care of your foot for smooth and comfortable mobilization. Being overweight is harmful to your foot health. Excessive weight stops you from doing physical activities like walking and running.

In a Struggle to walk you put immense stress on foot joints and muscles which can cause you various foot problems. The uneven distribution of weight restricts your movement and you start struggling to maintain your body balance while walking. Let me tell you the side effect of being overweight on your feet.

  1. Arthritis
  2. Tendonitis
  3. Ankel Pain
  4. Diabetes 
  5. Plantar Fasciitis
  6. Reduced Bone Density
  7. Edema in Foot and Ankle
  8. Imbalance Foot Momentum
  9. Bunion

Things to Keep in Mind before Buying Shoes

There are certain things to check before buying a pair for your feet. Foot care is important to live a healthy and rich lifestyle. You need supportive footwear that handles your body weight and puts less stress on your joints. It is important to wear the right shoe for a balanced momentum. Your feet will never feel the same pain again while walking.

Shoe Specifications:

You should check the complete specification of the product before buying. It gives you an idea about the material and stuff used in making the footwear. You can choose the best comfortable shoe for you when you have complete knowledge about the product’s anatomy. In this way, you can save both your money and time.


Your Footwear upper should be Airy. If the upper is breathable then it will keep your feet fresh and dry. Breathability makes your walking or running comfortable so you don’t have to experience irritation and Wetness. Choose the Walking show that keeps your foot fresh.

Right Fit:

Check for footwear that fits your feet.  If you wear the wrong size then you will start feeling pain in your foot. The toe Box should be wide so you can easily spread out your toes while walking.  Don’t choose footwear that pinches or squeezes your feet. Right Fit gives you stable momentum to handle your body weight.

Support and Cushioning:

Always look for a shoe that gives you extra support and cushioning for a balanced walking Style. It improves your Walking posture and Increases your muscle stiffness to absorb the impact while walking. It also helps to distribute equal pressure on your feet so you can have a pain walking-free experience.

Policy Check:

It is a very important factor when buying your stuff.  You should carefully read all the company policies to avoid any inconvenience. The policy gives you awareness about every single detail about the return and change policy.

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ’s)

How does overweight affect your feet?

Obesity is harmful to your foot health. Your excessive body weight puts stress on your joints and lower limbs which exposes you to Arthritis, Bunion, Plantar Fasciitis, Foot Swelling, and Ankle Pain issues.

Is Walking Good for Overweight?

Yes, It is indeed a healthy activity to reduce your body weight. It keeps you active and fresh throughout the day. Walking with comfy shoes improves your balance and strengthens your bones. Walking reduces the risk of hypertension, high cholesterol, joint, and muscular stiffness.

How did shoes help with your Obesity?

Extra cushioning and support give you comfortable overweight walkers that are specifically designed for feet to control the body weight and to absorb experience and stability in walking.  It helps to regain momentum so you can easily walk without pain. When you start walking and running your weight will tend to decrease.

What should you do to Avoid Obesity?

You can easily live a healthy lifestyle by avoiding the things that increase your weight. You can eat healthy food full of nutrition and avoid junk food consumption. You should do walking or running to burn your body fat and boost your activeness.

Final Verdict

We hope that our expertise in choosing the Best Walking Shoes for Overweight Women will be beneficial for you. Our detailed guide will give you complete information about the product specification that helps you to choose the perfect companion for your feet. Don’t let your feet suffer from the wrong quality shoes. It’s time to shine your feet with these amazing Comfy and Durable Shoes.

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