Tailor’s Bunion or Bunionette | Treatment plans for tailors bunions

Tailors Bunions is a deformed shape or a bony lump alongside the little toe. Probably, it is caused by pressure gradually and develops pain. It is also called as Bunionette. It develops in the fifth metatarsal bone when it enlarges or shift upward. Tailor bunions are the same as a regular bunion the only difference is the location.

On the other hand, the prevalence rate of tailor bunions is 4 percent than regular bunions. So, good shoes help knee pain and of course save from bunion, make your life easier & you will enjoy your duty. So on this platform, you will find the best shoes 2020 which will save you from bunion


Major causes of tailors Bunions: 

Tailors Bunions develop probably with consistently holding pressure on the little toe.  Because of it, the sufferer may experience extreme pain and difficulty in wearing shoes. Here’s what important about the causes and progression of tailors bunions: 

  • Wearing narrow shoes: 

It progresses if an individual wears continuously tight narrow shoes, especially for long hours. Narrow shoes disturb the alignment of joints and bring them to an unnatural position. That is why we suggest comfortable and specious shoes for individuals who work for long hours. You can see the details in our related article best shoes for nurses

  • Genetical factor: 

Heredity also plays a vital role in the development of bunions. Sometimes, people inherit a vulnerable feet structure for bunions which may increase with the passage of time. The shape and structure of feet by birth matter a lot in the later progression of tailors bunions.  

  • Other foot-related diseases: 

Inflammation often causes later development of tailors bunions. Other than this, Polio, rheumatoid arthritis, and neuromuscular condition are also the major causes of tailors bunions. 

  • Overpronation

Overpronation is caused by uneven weight-bearing on feet and having a low arch which makes the joints unstable. 

Treatment Plans For Tailors Bunions

Tailors Bunions are often treated with non-surgical methods. If it goes worst then doctors go for surgeries. Preventions are best then medication is the best logical point for its’ treatment. The best non-surgical ways of bunions’ treatment are the following: 

  • Wearing comfortable shoes: 

Uncomfortable, narrow, and tight shoes cause bunions. So, the best treatment of tailors bunions is to wear shoes with a perfect fit. The best shoes for tailors bunion sufferers are with comfy room and stretchy. Other than this, air-cushioned or arch supportive shoes are also good for handling bunions. Shoes that can evenly distribute the pressure on the toe and whole feet are also best. In addition, shockproof shoes also prevent injuries and pain. Also, avoid wearing heels especially when you are working for long hours. 

You may already know this, but just in case you don’t then for better information about shoes you can go through our article of best shoes for nurses. You will find every piece of information about comfortable, arch-type supportive shoes there. 

  • Using tailor bunion padding shield or splint:  

A comfortable and proper sized padding bunion shield is also a remedy to treat tailors bunion pain. A perfect size pad distributes the weight and pressure evenly and reduces the pain. Basically, a tailor bunion splint or pad provides extra support for your toe. It also controls the condition from getting it worse. 

  • Maintain body weight: 

Being Overweight is always harmful and unhealthy for a person in every manner. Maintaining healthy body weight is best for treating any kind of bunion. Because, when you have a healthy weight it does not put extra pressure on your feet and help to cure bunion pain.  

  • Icing your feet: 

As already told inflammation is also a cause of the tailors’ bunion. If you are working for long hours of the day then you should do proper icing of your feet. Icing is the best remedy for swollen feet. But, do not apply it directly instead of that apply it as an ice pad or iced socks. 

  • Medication: 

Anti-inflammatory helps in relieving pain and reducing swelling. Other than this medication for feet, related diseases can be taken prescribed by the doctor. 


Taking good care of your feet makes your feet healthy and enable you to live freely. Tailor Bunions can also be controlled and cure by taking good care of your feet’s structure. Be particular about your shoes. Choose supportive and comfortable shoes to avoid issues like tailors bunions.