How to Clean White Shoes? 3 Different Types of Methods

Do you ever face difficulties in cleaning your white shoes? Well, today we will talk about some useful ways how to clean white shoes. White shoes are a graceful choice to match up with your attire but the issue is the color easily gets dirty. The white shoes work best for everyday use and can easily be matched up with every type of outfit. The white shoes easily catch stains, and dirt within some time and it is quite a hazard to shine up your white shoes again.

It is not an easy task to clean your white footwear without damaging it that’s the reason you have to use convenient and reliable methods to clean white shoes. You don’t need to waste your time and struggle because we have sorted out the best reliable and convenient methods to keep your white footwear neat and spotless. The step-by-step guide will save your time and struggle and you can easily make your white shoes new. Just check the below methods for complete guidelines.

How to clean white shoes

White shoes are the most favorite and desirable shoes to wear in every fashion and situation. But wearing white shoes also requires a lot of care and attention especially when you are a professional. In professional and daily life wearing shoes and also making an effort to keep its grace and pristine look. In this effort, a question always wonders in mind that how to clean white shoes in an easy way.

Here, we have the answer in the form of tips about how to clean white shoes at home with few ingredients. By using bleach, toothpaste, baking soda, and simple cleaning detergent you can keep your shows as pristine as always.


We are going to discuss all the tips with detailed methods of cleaning shoes one by one. I hope it will be very useful and easy for you practically and will benefit you in a very long way. 

Reliable Products to Clean White Shoes

One of the best and easy methods to clean your white shoes is to use reliable products. The usage of reliable products gives your shoes a new shine just like brand new white shoes. Let’s check out the below affordable products for your white shoes.

1. Jason Markk Shoe Cleaning Care

Today we will tell about an instant solution to easily clean your white shoes and the solution is the Jason Markk Shoe cleaning kit.  The essential kit comes with a 4 oz. premium quality solution bottle and a standard brush. The essential care kit is made to extend the life of your footwear without damaging the shoe. The Jason Markk essential care kit is reliable, exceptional, and a low-cost product to clean white shoes.

Jason Markk Shoe Cleaning Care

The Jason Markk Cleaning foam solution doesn’t contain any abrasives and effectively cleans and conditions your white shoes. The premium cleaning solution works best on various stuff such as white shoes, leather, suede, nubuck, nylon, canvas, vinyl, rubber, cotton mesh, and the standard brush is suitable for sturdy materials such as leather, canvas, rubber, and vinyl. This solution is also good for cleaning leather work boots.

2. Reshoevn8r Signature Kit

Need extraordinary whitening on your white shoes then Reshoevn8r Signature Kit is the right thing for your shoes. The Reshoevn8r Signature Cleaning Kit provides you with the essential and reliable tools to clean your white shoes easily. You can save your money and effort by getting Reshoevn8r Signature Cleaning Kit. The Reshoevn8r Cleaning Kit contains multiple tools such as 4 oz cleaning solution, 3 different Brushes, Shoe Trees Pair, Sneaker Laundry Bag, and a Microfiber Towel.

Reshoevn8r Signature Kit

The Reshoevn8r Cleaning Solution is made from natural coconut and jojoba oils. A single bottle of cleaning solution can easily cleans and condition up to 50 pairs of shoes. There are no harmful chemicals used in the solution. You can use Soft Brush on suede material, Medium Brush on leather, canvas, rubber, and Stiff Brush on sole or soul materials. The Shoe Trees help to stiffen the toe box and hold the shape of the shoes. The Microfiber Towel is helpful for extra cleaning spots.

3. Alloda White Shoe Cleaner

Want to make your old white shoes new again? Just make your shoes brand-new with professional Alloda white shoe cleaner which is a perfect combination of shoe cleaner and white shoe polish. The excellent cleansing kit quickly cleans and removes stains from white shoes. The Alloda Cleaner Kit consists of a shoe cleaner, white shoe polish, Shoe Brush, and a Towel. The exceptional kit is the one stop solution for the care of your shoes.

Alloda White Shoe Cleaner

The Alloda shoe cleaner does not contain harmful chemicals or abrasives and is made from eco-friendly, biodegradable, and non-toxic ingredients. These non-toxic ingredients ensure your shoe’s safety. You can clean and bring back your shoes to life with this premium quality cleaning solution. Put some shoe cleaner on your shoes and then gently wipe off any surface stain with the help of a brush and a towel. The Volume of shoe cleaner is (90 ml/3.2 oz) and shoe polish (90 ml/3.2 oz) is enough to clean and brighten clean about 25 to 35 pairs of shoes.

The Shoe Cleaner is good to us on Sneakers, Leather, Canvas, Mesh, Fabric, and Plastic while the Shoe Polish Kit can be used on leather, Plastic, and Rubber. The Shoe Whitener is not good to use on Suede & Nubuck material.

4. Alloda Shoe Cleaner Kit

Don’t want to damage the material of your shoes while cleaning then Alloda Shoe Cleaner Kit is the outstanding solution to resolve your shoe cleaning issues. The high-quality scientific formula makes the cleaning foam more effective. The high-quality foam effectively removes the stubborn stains from your white shoes. The sneaker and suede shoe cleaner along with brush cleaner gives you satisfying results without using water.

Alloda Shoe Cleaner Kit

The Cleaning foam is made from high-quality non-ionic surfactants that make the cleaning foam properties richer. The cleaning formula doesn’t contain any Toxic substance that ensures shoes material safety and durability. You can clean your white shoes without damaging the color or material of the shoes. If you want to make your white shoes clean and bright then you can make your shoes new again by using the Alloda Shoe Cleaner Kit.

The cleaning kit contains a multi-purpose shoe brush that makes your cleaning process simple so you can adjust your shoe cleaning according to your shoe material. An addition of a super thick fiber absorbent towel makes it easy to wipe off excess water and foam after cleaning. A well-made handbag is added to put all the necessary items for cleaning shoes into the sneaker cleaner kit. . You can comfortably clean several types of shoes like Canvas, Sneakers, Knits, Tennis, Treated Leather, Suede, Nubuck but not recommended to use on White or Light Yellow Suede.

DIY Method of How to Clean White Shoes

You can also use DIY Methods to clean your shoes easily. These methods are proves helpful in cleaning your white shoes. We have carefully mentioned various DIY methods so you can make your new shoes again. Just check the below mentioned less costly and effective methods to make your shoes looks new.

1. Soap and Water

This is a simple and effective method to clean your shoes gently. It is an inexpensive method to clean your white shoes.  You can mix 1 teaspoon mild soap or any liquid dish soap with warm water to make the solution.  A toothbrush works best to clean the spots. The Soap and water mixture effectively works on all kinds of shoes.

2. Baking Soda for Spotless Cleaning

This is another good option to sparkle your shoes again. You can easily shine your shoes with this productive solution. You have to add 1 tablespoon of baking soda, white vinegar, and hot water to prepare the solution. Mix all these things until it converts into a paste. Simply apply the paste on the surface of the shoes and after applying the paste all over the shoe surface simply let it dry for 2 to 3 hours. You can place the shoes in the shadowy area to avoid direct sunlight. After 2 to 3 hours use a brush to remove the extra paste and slap it together to get rid of the paste. This method can be applied on a clean canvas, mesh, fabric, and white leather shoes.

3. Absolutely Clean With Toothpaste

The white shoes cleaning with toothpaste is a good hack for instant results. You can use any non-gel white toothpaste to clean the shoes. You can use an old toothbrush to rub the paste on the shoe’s surface and then leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Now you can wipe the paste with a towel. You can use the toothpaste on fabric, mesh, and sneakers.

Methods of Cleaning White Shoes

  1. Scrubbing soap/ vinegar and water
  2. Using Baking soda
  3. Bleach with water
  4. Rubbing Toothpaste for stains

1. Scrubbing Soap/ Vinegar and Water

Soap/ vinegar or water is the handiest and easy way to clean your white shoes. Simply, you have to take a bowl of water put soap or vinegar in it, and make a mixture of it. Now, you have a perfect cleanser for your shoes. What you have to do is to take a brush or a piece of cloth, dip it in the mixture and scrub your shoes gently to clean the stains or all other dirt. Now, pat all the excess water with a towel and keep it dry. You can also use a dryer or air for drying. 

This method is effective for all kinds of shoes i.e., crocs, sneakers or leather shoes, etc. It is amazing that you are working as a professional and wearing crocs, sneakers, or any kind of expensive but comfortable shoes. And, you can clean them with this easy trick. This method is quick that you will find how to clean white shoes in 5 minutes. 

2. How to Clean White Shoes With Baking Soda

Perhaps, baking soda is a cleaning agent when mixed with water and vinegar. Regardless of everything, it is very impactive on canvas, mesh, and fabric shoes. What you have to do is take baking soda, vinegar, and water in a bowl, mix them well, and form a mixture. Now, apply this mixture by using a toothbrush. It will remove dirt and stain smoothly. After applying it, clean it with a towel or air dry it for a while. This is a safe and cheap remedy for how to clean white shoes.

3. Cleaning With Bleech and Water

Firstly, make a diluted mixture of bleach and water in which 1 part should be bleach and 5 part should contain water. You should be careful with the quantity of bleach as it may leave yellow stains on your white shoes. 

Secondly, scrub this mixture with a toothbrush on fabric and hard surfaces like a sole and slightly put pressure with a cloth. After that, wipe it up by using a towel and keep it in the air for dry. You can also keep it in front of the fan for speedy dry. This method is more effective and quick if you are seeking an answer for how to clean white shoes without baking soda.

4. How to Clean White Shoes With Toothpaste

First of all, wipe your shoes with warm water and a cloth Take a dab of toothpaste and directly apply it on the surface of shoes on heavy stains or all over the shoes. Apply a thin coating of toothpaste with a brush. Let it dry for 10 to 20 minutes. After that remove all the toothpaste with a fine cloth so that it cannot leave any mark on your shoes. 

All in all, this method is best if you are looking for how to clean white shoes that turned yellow. But make sure that you are using white toothpaste as colored toothpaste may leave marks and stains on your white shoes. 

Final Thoughts

You can find above all the details regarding the best white shoe cleaning products or the DIY methods to shine up your shoes. The above methods are quick, reliable, and convenient that will not damage the shoe. You don’t have to waste your time on non-reliable methods that can destroy your shoes. Just try the above methods and make your shoes sparkle like new. Just share your valuable thoughts with us through the comment section.

We understand that shoes are important in your life either professional or daily life.  Therefore, its cleaning is also as important. Hence, in this article, we also try our best that you will find all the answers to your questions about the cleaning of white shoes.