How to Lace Bean Boots? 4 Amazing Methods

Bean Boots or you can also call duck boots initially made by L.L.Bean. This boot upper and sole is made with leather and rubber. You can casually wear them to walk around the city and also you can use them for hunting, canoeing, and fishing. The bean Boots are suitable for outdoor activities and maintain your fashion statement.

How to Lace Bean Boots

Do you ever think that lacing your boot in different styles enhances your boot looks and gives your boot a more elegant touch. You don’t have to use the ordinary ways of tying your bootlaces, instead use the different styles to tie your different types of shoes laces. Let’s look at the style techniques of How to Lace Bean Boots.

1. Try the Eastland Knot or Corkscrew Knot

The first step is to create a loop with the lace not long more than 2.5 cm on the left side of your boot. The loop should not be longer or shorter because you will not be able to tie the knot correctly in case of a longer or shorter knot. Now you have to start wrapping the lace around the base of the loop until you come close to the end of the loop. Thread the end tail of the lace through the end of the loop. Roll over the end of the shoelace and under one side of the loop so that the end goes through the center of the loop. The knot can be adjusted by scrunching or loosening the wrapped lace.

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Watch this video to learn How to Tie an Eastland Knot within 30 seconds.

2. Crisscross Lacing Style

Start from the bottom of the shoe and put the shoe strings through the inner side of the holes. Cross both ends and put laces under the side and take out from the next higher hole. Again cross the shoelaces ends and take out through the next upper hole. You can keep continuing the same process until the whole boot is laced up.

Watch this video to learn the quick and easy Crisscross Lacing method.

3. Heel Lock Lacing or Racer’s Loop Technique

This method is quite easy and perfectly locks your ankle inside the boots to prevent blisters. You have to lace your boots by using the routing crisscross pattern. Once you have finished the whole boot lacing then put back the laces in the same side hole to create a loop. Now cross the laces over and go through each loop.  You can tighten the laces as per your desired snug fit.

You can watch the heel lock lacing tutorial in this video.

4. Army Lacing

The army lacing style is an efficient lacing style to quickly tighten/loosen your boots. Pass the laces through the bottom eyelets by ensuring both laces are equal in length. Now pass the laces through the next upper outside hole on each side. Put the laces diagonally through the inner side of the hole and repeat the previous step by putting the laces from the outside of the hole. Repeat the process until you reach the top eyelet.

You can save your time by watching this video of army lacing.

Why Different Type of Shoe Lacing Matters?

The different shoelaces styles are not good for your fashion trends but also important for your footwear tightness and functions. There are several methods to tie your shoelaces so you can give your boots a unique look. You can use the standard crisscross lacing style if you have a standard foot size and do not suffer from any foot injury.

The Eastland knot is another option to keep your footwear in style. You can easily tight or loose your footwear laces with this unique style. The decorative coils cover up the excess length of those loose ends. The Army Lacing technique gives you a more flexible fit than any other lacing method. The Heel Lock Lacing perfectly locks your ankle inside the boots and helps to prevent blisters; however, the Eastland knot is the most famous method to tie duck boots laces. You can make your style statement trendy and fashionable with different boot lacing methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of shoelaces?

The shoelaces or shoes strings are made to secure shoes. The shoelaces provide you a snug fit and prevent the shoe from slipping while walking or running.

How do I stop my heels from lifting up my boots?

The best lacing method you can use is the Heel Lock Lacingwhichstops your heels from lifting up and prevents blisters.

What are the different ways of tying shoelaces?

You can use various shoe lacing methods to give your boots a traditional or decorative look. You can use Eastland, straight, crisscross, army, and lockup lacing styles to make your shoe style extraordinary.

Why do boots have eyelets?

The eyelet is a punched hole in the upper side of the shoes that allows you to put in the shoelaces to secure your foot position inside the boots.

Can you wear Bean Boots in the rain?

Yes, you can wear bean boots in the rain because these boots are water-resistant so you can easily wear them in rainy or snowy conditions.


We hope now you will know the methods of how to lace bean boots. We have mentioned the traditional and decorative bean boot lacing methods so you can improve your shoe functionality. Try the new methods of shoe lacing Instead of using ordinary methods because these new shoe lacing methods provide a decorative look to your bean boots. We hope you will learn some new styles of shoe lacing to impress your friends. If you think this article is helpful for you then share this with your social circle. You can share your valuable feedback via the below form.

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