How To Make Old Shoes Look New Into Few Minutes

Shoes are one of the basic necessities of our day to day life. If our feet are comfortable it is only then that we will be able to walk with the perfect posture. They not only support our feet but also help in keeping the body stable. Shoes play a very vital role in our lives and it is very rightly said that shoes are the first thing that somebody unconsciously notices about us. For athletes, shoes have the most important as they are one of the main keys to success for them.

How to make old shoes new

We all have shoes in many different types and kinds. A good quality shoe needs a lot of investment and is worth the added care that we need to give it. We can also rejuvenate our footwear similarly as we do to our many things nowadays. The following are a few ways to refabricate your old shoes into new ones once again.

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Tips To Keep In Mind

One of the main points in keeping the shoes in good condition is that we must always clean them before keeping them back in our racks even you are using them during concrete work, so concrete shoes need more attention. If you put a dirty shoe away, it is for sure going to be worn out and decayed with even the slightest particle of dust on it.

If your sneakers are scuffed, try swabbing them clean with a nail polish remover. You can also apply lemon diluted with water if your shoes start to fade out to a yellowish color. Though shoes do not need sunlight, air, and water if we let them sit in the sun for a few hours your shoes will shine out all the rest of the pairs.

Tools You Need To Start Cleaning

The water and lemon mixture works well with the canvas shoes also. Or else if you find the stains are hard to vanish you can also apply toothpaste on the affected parts with a brush and leave the area for 2 to 3 minutes after which you can wipe it with plain water. The stains are sure to go.

Never should we put away a wet shoe without letting it dry. It happens to most of us that we wear our favorite footwear and suddenly the rain bashes in. A wet shoe is likely to be the most damaged one if it is not properly taken care of. We basically need to clean the wet one with a simple cotton cloth and then let it dry under the fan not forgetting to put a shoe tree inside for all the sides to be evenly dried.

If you find that the sole of your old shoe is worn out and cannot be used any further you can simply ask a cobbler to put another rubber sole under the shoe which will then be used as a new pair again.

Things You Should Buy With Shoes

Suede shoes are the most difficult to maintain. If you invest in a pair of the suede shoe then you must also invest in getting a suede spray that is most likely to change its color towards a darker side but giving the shoe a new and ready to wear look.

Another way to pull up your old sandals elegantly by giving them a new look is that you can also add beads, pearls, glitter, or any form of the net as required on your heels/sandals. You can always invent new ideas. It is up to you to add whatever you want ranging from a small diamante to a whole necklace that can also be used in the form of laces for the sandal.

make old shoes new

Polish and brush have been the oldest and the most used way of keeping shoes clean and giving them a new look. It is used worldwide even in villages nowadays. Polishes and shoe creams are available in many forms. Recently, color sprays for shoes have also been launched that you can apply on any old shoe to give it a new look and a new color. But do not forget to choose wisely from them as it varies for all shoe types. The one that suits your shoe requirement will be the one useful for you.


It is rightly assumed that shoes are a reflection of the person wearing them. Old but well-kept shoes belong to a conscientious type of a person. It is not at all hard to maintain old shoes; we just need to invest a bit of our time in them to get a good comfortable looking shoe!