How to Stretch Sandals Wide? | Expert Tips & Tricks

What will you do if you mistakenly buy tight sandals? Maybe you are thinking of buying a new pair of comfortable sandals or want to give your sandals to someone else. I want to tell you something about How to Stretch Sandals Wide. You cannot imagine the adverse effect of pain caused by wearing tight sandals. You don’t have to wear your tight sandals forcefully because tight shoes can cause blisters, hammer toe, bone spurs, bunions, numbness, inflammation, and severe pain in the heel or ball of your foot. If you don’t want to feel severe pain in your feet then start wearing wider and more comfortable shoes. The wide-fit shoes give you breathable space and allow your toes to move freely.

How to Stretch Sandals Wide

You don’t have to worry at all if you buy tight shoes because we will guide you through useful and reliable methods to stretch your sandals. There are certain methods to make your shoes wide. We will guide you to easy solutions to Increase the comfort of your shoes. You can use reliable products to widen your sandals or you can use effective DIY methods to make your sandals comfortable. The shoes must be not too tight or too wide because in both situations you cannot have a pleasant walk. Your sandals must be comfortable to walk around. Let’s have a look at the below methods without wasting much time.

How to Stretch Sandals Wide | How to Make Sandals Wider

If you are thinking that it is a hard task to Stretch Sandals Wide then you are absolutely wrong. You can easily make your sandals wider by using easy solutions. You can start a pain-free journey by stretching your sandals.  We have mentioned below all the authentic and verified methods so that you can stretch your sandals wide without wasting your time, money, and efforts.

DIY Method of How to Stretch Shoes That Are Too Tight

These the best diy methods of how to stretch shoes that are too tight. With the help of these method you can easily stretch your shoes.

DIY Method of How to Stretch Shoes

1. Thick Socks and Heat to Stretching Out Tight Footwear

This method can be ordinary but it is a very useful and efficient method to Stretch out your Favorite sandal.  What you all need for this process are a pair of thick socks and a hairdryer.  Put on the socks and blow the air dryer on the tight section of your sandal. You should be able to have more stretch in your sandals but you have to take some precautions while giving heat to your sandals. Don’t put constant heat on the sandal, just move your dryer back and forth.  You have to keep the dryer a few inches away to prevent damage to sandals. You have to keep the dryer a few inches away to prevent damage. Watch the below video for the efficient hack. You can get the best results on leather and suede shoes.

Watch this video in which you can see the method of Stretching shoes.

2. Apply Freezer Method to Stretch Sandals Wide

Can you imagine that this method is totally free of cost? All you need is water and a zip lock bag. First, adjust the empty zip lock bag inside the shoe and then start filling it with the water. Now put the shoe inside the freezer for 8 to 9 hours till the water turns into solid ice. The solid ice will make adequate space in your sandal and then you can comfortably wear your closed-toe sandals.

Watch this amazing video to completely understand this method.

3. Makes Shoes Wide With Rubbing Alcohol

This method is super easy in which you need only alcohol to stretch sandals wide. Now there are 2 possible ways to widen your sandals with Alcohol. Put on your sandal and spray rubbing alcohol on the outer surface of the sandal. When the alcohol dries your sandal will stretch out.

The Second method is to soak a thick pair of socks with rubbing alcohol and then wear the socks until the alcohol dries. This technique will give you enough space in your sandal. This method suits best for canvas or athletic shoes but it is advisable to check the material whether it is alcohol friendly or not.

Watch out the below video for complete guidance.

4. Stretch With Wet Newspaper

This trick will definitely help you to stretch shoes that are too tight. You just need some old newspaper. Simply moisten a few sheets of newspaper and insert the balls of wet newspaper into the sandal. The paper will expand and become harder when it dries completely.

This method will easily make your sandal a bit wide so you can wear it easily.

5. The Peeled Potato Stretching Solution

This is a very common practice for wide tight sandals. You just need a peeled potato a little bit similar to your sandal shape. Just put the potato in your sandals and let it dry overnight. This process will help to widen your sandal and also reduce the odor. This process is not suitable for fabric material sandals. Want to see how it works just check out the below video.

6. Try Professional Cobbler

If the above methods did not work best for you then it is good to take the service of a professional shoemaker or cobbler near your home. The shoemaker has the essential tools which can easily widen your sandal without damaging it. This method is inexpensive and will not cost you a lot of money.

Reliable Sandal Stretching Products and Tools

There are some useful, reliable and authentic tools to make sandals wide. These tools have proven results and instantly show you the desired results. What are these tools and how do they work?  Just read the below details to stretch sandals wide.

1. Ball and Ring Shoe Stretcher

Ball and Ring Shoe Stretcher is one of the best tools to stretch your sandal wide. The tool is very efficient because it is very simple to use a stretcher because this tool allows you to stretch out the specific pressure point where your shoes need a wide room. This tool is applicable for both old and new shoes because this very heavy-duty stretcher gives you extra-wide room where you need it the most. You can simply eliminate the discomfort of bunions, corns, or hammertoes.

You can watch this video to learn easily how this tool works.

2. Sandal Stretch Spray

This sandal stretch spray is very effective to make your sandal wide. This professional Shoe Stretch spray is a Safe and effective conditioner that is helpful to soften and stretch tight fitting sandals without causing discoloration. You can gently spray on the desired area from inside and outside that you want to expand. After doing spray wear your sandals along with the thickest pair of socks.

Now walk around in them till dry. You can repeat this process if needed again. You can see this product usage in the shared .If you don’t want to wear the shoes then a wooden shoe stretcher can also be used overnight. This spray works best on various materials such as Leather, Suede, Canvas, Synthetics, Linens, Nubuck, and Patent leather.

3. Wooden Trees  Stretcher

An effective and money-saving solution is to stretch your sandals in both length and width. The Shoe Tree provides your sandals with perfect fitting in width and length and makes your sandal comfortable.  This wooden shoe stretcher is made of pine and can last long for years. If you want to enhance the width of the sandal you have to simply turn the metal looped handle in a clockwise direction until the sandal surface reflects pressure.

You can see the usage of this product in the below video

4. Width Extender Mini Stretchers

This product is truly amazing and provides you with instant results. This product is very easy to use and the mechanism of this product is very user-friendly. These mini-width sandal extenders are specially designed to enhance the sandal width for the toe box and heel.

These mini-width extenders are lightweight and convenient and the knob will not be loose or worn due to the over-usage. If you want to relieve from common foot problems such as bunions, corns, calluses, misshapen hammertoes, and uneven foot sizes then this product is definitely for you to extend the width of your footwear.

Be sure to watch this video of Width Extender Mini Stretchers.

5. Kiwi Selext Universal Shoe Stretch

This product is made by the kiwi brand which enhances the width of your sandals. This spray can smoothly stretch leather, suede, Nu-buck, and reptile skins material sandals. This spray will create more room in your sandal and eliminate pain and discomfort.

What Should You Do for Wide Sandals?

If you want to avoid the pain and discomfort then follow the below points so you can exactly buy the right width shoes according to your feet size. By following the below points you can easily provide your feet a sense of pure comfort. You can walk around easily without harming your feet.

1. Select Correct Size

The first thing you have to follow is to choose the right shoe size in length and width. You can also check your width size by following this article in which we have mentioned the method to check your foot width.

You can also watch the below video to learn the method of measuring shoe width.

2. The Valuable Feedback of the Product

The second thing to consider is to check the feedback of the footwear that grabs your attention. The feedback is given by the customers who already used the product. You can easily get an idea about the shoe width by following customer feedback.

You can check your desirable product feedback from Amazon, Etsy, and from other e-commerce platforms. People usually order a half-inch bigger size so that they can easily wear the sandals with comfort and ease.

3. Check for Wide Shoes Section

If you are looking for a sandal, first go to the wide shoe section where you can easily get the extra room and required comfort in your sandal. The wide section proves helpful in choosing the right size for your feet.

4. Suitable Material for Wide Sandal

The material is one of the essential things to look into a wide sandal.  The Lycra. Leather, Nylon, PVC, acrylic, polyurethane, and microfiber are stretchable materials. The stretchable material will give you adequate space in your sandals. If you are using suede or canvas sandals then you can use stretch spray to make extra room in the sandals.

5. Read the Return Policy

It is better to read the company returns policy before buying footwear. Some companies don’t offer a replication policy for their product while some companies’ processes are too complicated.  You can save your time and money by carefully reading the company returns policy.

How to Check if Shoes Are Tight?

The shoe will itself guide you about its comfort and ease. If you forcefully adjust your feet into a narrow sandal then it will ruin your shoe health. You can easily judge the comfort of your shoes by following the below points.

  • The Footwear will put immense pressure on your feet
  • Tight footwear cause irritation and inflammation
  • Narrow toe box
  • Less room in the ankle area
  • Shape of the shoe doesn’t match your feet
  • Unbalanced walk
  • You can face pain and stiffness while walking
  • Swollen feet after wearing the sandals
  • Tight footwear can develop severe foot problems such as Blisters, Bruised Toenails, Calluses, Sprained ankles, Bunions, Corns, Hammertoes, Ingrown nails, Bone spurs, and Backache

All the above points will tell you if your shoes are tight or comfy. It is good to prefer a wide sandal for the betterment of your feet health.  If you buy the wrong size shoe then you can easily check out the shoe comfort level. The tighter the shoe will destroy your feet. Avoid pain and discomfort by choosing the right width and length of the footwear.

Frequently Asked Questions – Common Questions

These are the common questions, asked by those people who want to know about How to Stretch Sandals Wide.

1. How Do You Loosen Tight Sandals?

Do you believe if I tell you that you can loosen tight shoes in two different ways? You can use DIY methods or you can use authentic and reliable products to loosen tight shoes. You can use Stretch spray, Mini Stretchers, Shoe Trees or you can use freezing water, Rubbing Alcohol, and Heat methods to create extra room in the sandal.

2. Can You Stretch Shoe Width?

The answer is an absolute yes. You can either use the DIY process or you can use amazing products to stretch your shoe width at home. Put mini shoe stretchers or shoe trees to make your footwear wide. Use shoe stretching sprays to make some additional room in your shoes.

3. What Is Shoe Stretch Liquid Made Of?

The combination of 50% water and 50% rubbing alcohol makes the shoe stretch liquid.  Combine the solution in a spray bottle and then shoe stretch liquid is ready to use.

4. How Can I Make My Sandals More Comfortable?

You can make your sandal snug and comfy by following the below points.

  • Choosing the right size and width
  • Use stretch spray, mini stretcher, or shoe trees to make shoe snug
  • Start using heel and toe protectors in case of discomfort
  • Wear socks with sandals to avoid rubbing
  • Wear your new sandal often to break in the sandals
  • Use DIY methods to stretch tight sandals

5. How Do I Make My Sandals Not Hurt Between My Toes?

You can buy an effective toe protector which removes the friction between your toes.  This toe guard saves your toes from rubbing all day long.

Final Words

We have mentioned all the details step by step including pictures and videos that will guide you on How to Stretch Sandals Wide.  The above-mentioned DIY methods, tools, and Products are efficient and reliable. Stop wasting your time and energy in applying old and useless methods. Our article will guide you regarding shoe stretching. If you want to share your feedback then you can contact us via the below forum.

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