How to Keep Thigh High Boots Up

Thigh-high boots are also referred to as thigh-length boots or thigh boots that help to cover up your feet above the knees. Thigh boots are made of different materials and styles. The shoes are made from leather and synthetic materials which include vinyl, polyurethane, or latex). Thigh boots come in silk and polyester fabric. The thigh boots are constructed in zippers style and also come as pull-on boots. The heel heights may vary; they can be flat or with heels greater than 3 inches. The Heel styles come in metal spikes, chunky, and platform soles.

How to Keep Thigh High Boots Up

The Thigh-high boots are suited best on women with longer legs. If you have shorter legs then the less leg there is above the top of the boot. The thigh boots are most commonly used in black color that is suitable for occasions such as cosplay, office, work, wedding, travel, party, and shopping.

OTK boots are famous for their versatility and style but the biggest obstacle you have to face is to keep Thigh high boots up. You cannot walk properly or might fall down if over the knee boots keep on going down all over the day. If you don’t want to pull up your shoes throughout the day then you are at the right place. We will guide you in easy ways How to Keep Thigh High Boots Up so you can enjoy your day without falling down or slouching.

How to Prevent Thigh High Boots From Rolling Down

There are different ways to keep the boots above the thigh which you can learn about here.. The methods are simple which you can use to keep the thigh high boots up. You can get a better snug fit of your boots by applying the below methods.

1. Tights With Knee-High Boots

Tights with knee

Want to Look elegant and modish in Thigh-High Boots then wear textured tights, leggings, or jeggings with your outfit. It is yet the simplest way to cover up the extra space in your thigh-high boots if you are wearing them for a while. Textured tights can be worn according to the weather to match up with your dress.

Textured tights are normally thick that give you proper grip. If you wear thick textures tight then your thigh-high boots will not fall down and you can walk with comfort and ease. You can wear above 50 denier tights that are usually thick. Textured tights from denim and corduroy to cotton and wool give you a lightweight and warmer experience. The texture tights give your knee-high boots that bit of fitting they might need to stay perfectly in place all day.

2. Wear a Thick Socks Pair

Wear a Thick Socks Pair

Want to get rid of the unnecessary pain of keeping up the thigh-high boots again and again, then you can avoid the pain by using thick high-thigh socks. The thicker pair of socks gives you an easy solution to fill up the space between the boot and your thigh. Thigh-high socks give you the required friction and tightness.

The socks are made from different types of material such as nylon, high cotton, woolen, and spandex material. These over-knee socks give you a breathable, neat, fine and smooth, and comfy experience. The thigh high socks are soft, skin-friendly, and appropriate to wear. The high-thigh socks not only give you a perfect fit but also save your legs from rubbing against your boot and blisters. We recommend thick cotton, woolen, or blended socks so your boots will stay fit to your legs. These thick socks are the best addition to your wardrobe suitable for any season. You can pair your socks with tights, leggings, skirts for a perfect look.

3. Use Body Adhesive or Body Glue

Use Body Adhesive or Body Glue

Want an inexpensive solution of How to Keep Thigh High Boots Up then Fashion glue or Body Adhesive is the ultimate solution to get rid of this problem. Body Adhesive is specifically designed to hold up thigh-high boots that may slip on your skin. Gently apply a small amount to the skin to hold up thigh boots in place. The Body Adhesive comes with a roll-on applicator so you can apply the product quickly and easily. Apply Body Adhesive on a dry portion of your body, not on a wet portion. The glue gets slightly tacky and then presses on the thigh boots to be held in place until set.

The glue can easily be washed off with water. You can simply remove the boots by sliding your fingers down the top and gently pulling the glue from your skin. Body glue provides you complete comfort and flexibility while walking. The Body glue is Odorless and you can easily wash the Adhesive. As compared to the hard fixed tape, the body glue is flexible and odorless on your skin, providing your thigh boots a firm grip without any pinching or irritation.

  • While applying the glue just avoid contact with eyes.
  • Don’t Apply the adhesive on broken or sunburned skin.
  • Never apply ordinary glue on your skin. The body glue is specifically designed in accordance with your skincare whereas standard adhesive isn’t.
Boot Straps

4. Boot Straps – DIY or Purchased

Bootstraps are a great option to keep boots from. You can buy readymade versions that can be fixed around the top of the leg and help to keep boots upright during wear all day long. You can also make your own DIY bootstraps with elastic and Velcro. You can attach boot straps to your boots that help you to keep your thigh boots up.

  • Simply create a loop with the elastic and then apply glue to the ends of the elastic and stick them together. Just ensure the loop fits around your thigh.
  • Attach one side of Velcro to the elastic strap and the other one to the inside of your boot.
  • Repeat the same process with the other boot.
  • Now put on your boots and simply press Velcro strips together.

You can easily make your own version of DIY bootstraps by watching the below video or you can also purchase the Boot Bra online.

5. Double Sided Fashion Tape

Double Sided Fashion Tape

The Fashion tape is also a perfect solution to lift your boot up. The durable and skin-friendly double-sided Tape will hold your thigh-high boots against your skin that help to keep your boots looking classy and elegant all day long. The body tape is designed for all skin types that you can use with ease and comfort. By using fashion tape you can avoid unnecessary irritation. The body tape contains a special adhesive that does not cause a rash or damage to your skin or fabric. Don’t apply the tape directly on the skin as it could accidentally take hairs while removing the tape.

6. Fold the Tops of Thigh Boots

You can Keep Thigh High Boots Up by using this simple hack. Simply you have to fold the tops of your thigh boots in order to create tightness and it will help prevent your thigh boots from slipping down. It will also give you a stylish look but folding up the top of the thigh boots may cause damage to the boot fabric.

Useful Tips for Thigh High Boots Care

If you want to enhance the lifespan of your boots then you have to properly take care of your thigh-high boots by cleaning and storing them appropriately. Below are a few tips that you can use for the perfect care of your boots.

  • You can gently use a soft and moisturized cloth to wipe your leather thigh-high boots that prevent any damage to the boot surface.
  • You can also buy a care Kit for suede, nubuck, fabric, and leather boot cleaning.
  • Avoid muddy and wet surfaces as it can damage the boot and reduce the boot lifespan.
  • It is difficult to maintain the shape of thigh-high boots but you can simply maintain the shape of the thigh boots by putting magazine or newspaper roll-ups inside the shoe. This process will hold the boot up throughout the day in your closet.
  • Put your boots in a standing up position in your closet and the roll-up magazines will ensure the boot’s good shape.
  • You can stuff your boots with different tools and inserts to keep your boot from slouching. These tools are specifically designed for boots to retain their shape.

Thigh High Boot Cleaner

You can simply buy this amazing stuff for proper care of your thigh boots. Just check the below items for complete guidance.

Revivex Boot Care Kit

The Revivex boot care is the ultimate solution for all types of thigh boots. You can easily clean your boots by applying Revivex concentrated suede cleaner to remove dirt and grime from leather, suede, nubuck, canvas, and gore-tex boots. The Revivex Boot Care Kit includes water repellent spray, suede cleaner, boot brush, and eraser. The all-in-one boot care kit protects boots from water, dust, and stains that give boots a new look. Enhance the thigh boot lifespan with the help of Revivex suede and fabric Boot care kit.

Revivex Boot Care Kit

Prevent Thigh Boots Slouching With Inserts and Clips

You can use various inserts and clips instead of using old hacks like using old magazines, newspapers and water bottles. The inserts and clips help to retain the boot shape accurately. Just check the below stuff for guidance.

Acrylic Knee High Shoes Clip Support Stand

It is the best option to keep your boots upright in your closet. The knee-high boots clip-on helps high boots not to get creased and ensure the boots remain upright and in shape Pegged Design.

Acrylic Knee High Shoes Clip Support Stand

Boot Shaper Form Inserts

These Boot Shaper Form Inserts slide smoothly inside the boots to maintain their shape. These sturdy boot shaper inserts protect your boots from cracks and creases. These boot shaper inserts keep every boot in a good strutting shape. The boot shaper keeps boots ventilated and fresher for your feet. This boot shaper is helpful to keep boots upright and in shape for everyday use. The versatile boot shaper smoothly adapts the shape and size of boots. You can also hang boots for quick storage with the help of a hole loop.

Boot Shaper Form Inserts

Yescom Boot Rack Organizer Stand Holder Hanger

A boot rack organizer is a perfect option to keep your boots in shape. It is helpful for thigh-high boots to preserve their shape & prevent folding up. The boot stand holder is space-saving & lightweight for easy moving. The boot rack is made from metal. This is a complete storage system that allows you to organize thigh-high boots in a closet, storage room, garage, or wherever extra hanging space is desired.

Yescom Boot Rack Organizer Stand Holder Hanger

Spring Loaded Boot Shapers

The Spring-loaded design provides the perfect support for all types of thigh-high boots. Spring-loaded boot shaper keeps your boots in perfect shape. A spring-loaded boot shaper prolongs the life of your boot and prevents cracks and creases. It is easy to use and no assembly required for it. Spring-loaded boot shape is durable and comes with hooks so you can easily hang your boots.

Spring Loaded Boot Shapers

Commonly Asked Questions

Are Thigh High Boots Appropriate?

You can wear thigh high boots in any season. You can enhance your fashion statement by wearing them with jeans, skirts, and dresses. The thigh boots are suitable for occasions such as office, work, wedding, travel, party and shopping.

What Are Thigh High boo6ts Called?

Thigh-high boots also referred to as /thigh-length boots, thigh boots and over the knee boots (OTK boot).

Can You Wear Thigh-High Boots in Summer?

You can wear thigh-high boots in summer without any problem. You can match your boots with shorts or a skirt in the hot weather.

Can You Wear Thigh High Boots if You Are Short?

You can wear thigh-high boots without any hesitation. You can rock in thigh boots by wearing skirts and shorts.

Do Knee High Boots Suit Everyone?

Knee-high boots are never out of fashion therefore anyone can wear them to make her look more attractive and stylish.


We have mentioned all the details regarding How to Keep Thigh High Boots Up. You can apply the above method to prevent thigh boots from falling down again and again. With proper storage and cleaning you can prolong your boots life. You can use old techniques by folding up magazines or newspapers to fill in the boot space or you can use amazing inserts and clips to prevent boots from falling down. Want to give us your valuable thoughts just feel free to contact us through the comment section.

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