Nike vs Adidas: Detailed Comparison & Read Which Giant is Close To Your Needs

The favorite brands among millions of sports fanatics around the world have been Nike and Adidas. In the diverse industry of sports, both of these famous brands around the world have a long history and get growth long way in terms of advancement and creativity. The contest is very tough when it comes to Nike vs. Adidas shoes, and both renowned shoe brands have their own assets and liabilities.

Origin of Brand Name

Nike brand is nearly 57 years old, an American company started by two guys named Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman. The business is known as Nike, the Greek Victory Queen, Nike. You will be surprised after knowing that Nike used to be the distributor of Onitsuka Tiger, which is a popular shoe brand in Japan and one of the oldest. In reality, in their early days, they started their business with them and later began producing their own shoe brand under the brand name of Nike. 

On the other hand, Adidas is a much older brand that began way back in 1924. Adidas is a German sportswear brand and currently the world’s second-largest shoe brand in Europe. This popular shoe brand was created by a German guy named Adolf Dassler 96 years ago, back in the days of World War I, he used to make shoes in his mother’s (scullery) room at the back of a house.

In 2005, Adidas also purchased the competing Reebok brand, which at that time was one of the largest sportswear firms. Some analysts say that to boost its market share and take the position of number 1 in the sportswear industry, Adidas adopt Reebok brand to compete with its closest well-known brand, Nike.

Adidas or Nike Which is Better

Let’s emphasis on the two brands of running shoe, breaking down their major differences and forefront quality over the other. The materials of running shoes will often vary to attain different levels of comfort and durability when working with such a multi-billion business. From polyester, EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate), and polyurethane synthetic leathers, they’re not only focusing on comfort for their running shoes but also spending a lot on research to get the best designs possible.

Running shoes of Nike are purely made of rubber cotton and polyester. Compared to Adidas, it provides style versatility, but you can still customize your running shoes to your style and comfort. For those people who like to have their own custom designs shoes, this is a well-balanced scenario. In its outer-soles, Nike uses rubber and has a range of sole designs to provide more traction.

Likewise, Adidas uses boost technology in which shoe pallets are molded and compressed. Adidas shoes are shaped with complete full-length midsole that assist to defend the entire body posture, while Nike is somewhat lagging when it comes to their manufacturing of inside cushioning and midsole. This is where all the comfort lies, regardless of the size of the foot. Adidas with boost technology provides them ultra-light, arch support, and proper cushioning. Nike, on the other hand also has some lightweight shoes, but their cushioning does not match the running shoes of Adidas.

Nike Vs Adidas – Price Comparison 

The price-tag is a reason for their performance and well-versed characteristics. Prices for Adidas running shoes vary from around $60 to $400. They’re fairly long-lasting, and for years to come, they’ll serve you. Nike shoes are little bit cheaper in price than Adidas and will range from $50-$350. The price difference between the two brands does not mean that the quality of shoes is compromised. 

In addition, if you want to buy customize running shoes, you can have them done at a decent price from Nike. Although Nike shoes appear to be somewhat cheaper in price than Adidas, it doesn’t certainly consider that all Adidas shoes models are costly as compared to Nike. You’re going to find those Nike shoes that are more costly than some running shoes from Adidas.

Nike Vs Adidas – Shoes Comfort

Nike’s shoes are contemporary and customizable in terms of style. While Adidas has a lack of diversity, on the other hand, but they are known to be much more comfortable than Nike. Ultimately, comfort will always prevail in the war of comfort and style when it comes to comparing any running shoes brand. Currently, it is assumed that Adidas shoes provide greater longevity and durability as compare to Nike shoes. But again, it solely depends on the use and care of the sportsperson.

Some of best Adidas Running Shoes:

  • Neo Cloudfoam Race
  • Energy Boost 3 
  • Ultraboost 19 
  • Terrex Swift R GTX
  • Solar Glide

Some of best Nike Running Shoes:

  • Nike Zoom Fly 3 
  • Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Trail 
  • Nike ZoomX Vaporfly 
  • Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo
  • Nike React Infinity Run Flynkit


The type of running shoes you use will affect your performance, so it is always wise to choose the right running shoes that suit the bio-mechanics, pronation, and intention of your foot. To be aggressive on any playing field, first, you need positive energy and thoughts. Accordingly, it is not worth the time to make a comprehensive opinion about which brand conquer other.

In the running shoe market, the two brands are some large cheeses. What’s obvious is that you will have Adidas and Nike included in the list if you check out best running shoes brand. Now, it’s time for you to take the brave move, select your favorite shoe brand and start exploring the sports field.

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