How to Stop Shoes From Rubbing the Back of Your Ankle

Did you know that door comfort is a very important reason for buying any shoes? Everybody knows that how’s it feels when you buy new shoes and it starts rubbing on sensitive areas of your feet, which results in painful blisters, chaffings and also some serious problems like ankle pain, etc. Many people who work for long periods on their feet like servers, retailers, construction workers, etc, are at the risk of developing blisters on their ankles.

When shoes rub our ankle, it will result in a painful act. Shoes enable us to walk easily and freely. Shoes mostly rub the back of the ankle when it is not fit easily on the foot. If your shoe has loose-fitting it means that it will move into your feet when you walk and it causes friction between the shoe and your ankle. When a shoe starts rubbing your ankle, it results in cuts, bruises, scarps, etc, which make walking very painful.

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Steps to Prevent Shoe Rubbing the Ankel

As everybody wants to walk easily without any rubbing and any problem. We will provide you some guidelines helpful for the prevention of this problem. Now, let’s move towards the steps or guidelines to get rid of your shoe running the back of your ankle. First, we will elaborate on all these points and further, we will discuss them in detail for your understanding.

  • Choose the Right size of shoe for your feet
  • Use the insole material
  • Stretch the ankle or heel of the shoe
  • Wear double or thick socks
  • Fix your ankle by using a Moleskin pad
  • Soften heels of shoes
  • Applying Vaseline
  • Usage of Heel Grip
  • Duct Tape

Now, we will discuss all these points in detail.

First of all, you have to make sure that you have chosen the right size of shoe for your foot. If you buy a shoe, which is not fit your foot or not according to your size then it will rub your ankle. They are the size of too big, too small, too narrow, and too wide. Shoe sizes vary according to different brands. You should have to choose that shoe which fits your size and feels easy and comfortable for walking. “Know your size, know your feet.”

At this point, if you don’t buy a new shoe and you already have a shoe but it starts creating trouble and still running your ankle, then you should have to try wearing a Insoles. Insoles are that material that is inserted in your shoe to adjust the dimensions of your shoe. It will prevent the shoe from rubbing and moving the ankle by bringing the foot in the shoe its dimensions and making it fit the foot. It is a very comfortable, easy, and inexpensive way to get rid of the problem of rubbing your ankle.

You can also stretch the heels of the shoe. When you buy new shoes, sometimes it will rub the back of your ankle because it doesn’t yet mold according to the shape of the foot. When your shoe doesn’t adjust according to your foot, then you can stretch them by yourself.

You can also prevent this problem by wearing thick or double socks. The thick material or socks will protect the skin of your foot and blisters the size of your foot so that the shoe is not so loose or cannot move. If your shoe starts rubbing the back of your ankle then it will be considered an ideal technique.

If you want to protect your foot for the long term from running, then you will have to fix the heels of your shoe with a Moleskin pad. It is a soft leather material that will protect your ankle to rub and prevent it from hurting. There are some guidelines regarding the usage of Moleskin for the prevention of rubbing your ankle.

  • You should take a piece of Moleskin pad large enough to stick over the area of the skin of your ankle.
  • Now, you will have to place that piece of moleskin on the ankle and trace it with a pencil.
  • After tracing it, you cut the piece of moleskin by using scissors.
  • You should make sure that the area of skin and hoes is free from any dirt and dust.
  • After that, you strip off the protective cushioned backing of the moleskin and stick it over the back of the skin of the ankle.

You can also stop your shoe by Rubbing the ankle by softening the heels of your shoes. The leather material will soften easily. You can also soften the heels of your shoes by using a leather conditioner, by applying it on your heel or ankle, and leave it overnight. You can also wear two pairs of socks and then use a hairdryer to warm or soften your shoes.

You can also get rid of this problem by applying a thick layer of vaseline to the back of your ankle. A heel Grip is also used to prevent the problem of rubbing your ankle. It is an oval-shaped cushioned strip made of gel and foam and covers with moleskin which attaches adhesively on one side. It will act as cushioning for your ankle and prevent them from rubbing.

When you want to buy new shoes and want to wear them, then before wearing them, you paste Duct Tape at the back of your ankle. It will reduce the friction and stop it from rubbing your ankle.


In the end, we will hope that you know some important guidelines regarding this that help you to prevent those blisters and reasons which become the reason for rubbing your ankle. By putting all these guidelines in your practice, you will be able to stop rubbing your ankle and you will buy new shoes confidently.

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