Types of Dance Shoes: Collection of Right Fit & Easy Movement

You have definitely heard about the dance but do you ever think about the Types of Dance Shoes for different styles of dance. There are different varieties of shoes worn by the dancer for smooth performance on the floor. The dance shoes are specifically designed in accordance with your dance style so you enjoy performing on the floor with comfort and ease. The choice of dance shoes depends on the style of dance and the characteristics of the dance floor surface.

Types of Dance Shoes

With the right dance shoes, you can easily flourish your moves and experience smooth and flexible contact with the floor. Each dance style has its own particular shoes such as Pointe shoes for ballet dancing, Ghillies for highland dance, Irish dance and Scottish country dance, Jazz shoes for Jazz dance, acro dance, acrobatic, rock’n’roll and hip hop, Tango shoes for Tango dance, Flamenco shoes for flamenco dance, Tap shoes for Tap dance, Contemporary shoes for Contemporary dance and Character Shoes for theatre dance performance.

Various Types of Dance Shoes

If you are new in the dancing world and looking for some amazing dance shoes then you are in the right place because we will guide you in a single detail about different types of dance shoes. We will help you to find the best dance shoe for some great moves. You can check the below mentioned details for different types of dance shoes.

1. Pointe Shoes

The ballet started in 1681, twenty years after when the founding of the Académie Royale de Danse was ordered by King Louis XIV of France. Initially, women began ballet dance in ballet heel shoes but the dancer Marie Camargo of the Paris Opéra Ballet is the first one to use non-heeled ballet shoes in the mid-Mid-18th century. The modern pointe shoe is credited to the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, the most famous and influential dancer of the early 20th-century.

A pointe shoe is a type of dance shoe worn by ballet dancers to perform the classical ballet technique known as the Pointe technique. Pointe shoes help dancers to appear weightless and enable them to dance on the tips of their toes for a long duration. Pointe shoes allow dancers to easily shift their body weight into the arch and around the toes. Dancers can easily perform balance, spin, bounce, and slide in pointe shoes.

Pointe Shoes

The construction of the shoe depends on the length of the toe, the shape, the flexibility of the arch of the foot and the mechanical resistance. The pointe shoe is based on 7 parts are Toe Box, Vamp, Throat, Elastic, Ribbon, Platform, and Shank. The pointe shoe structure mainly depends on two things that are a box within the front end of the shoe and a shank.

The box is designed in a rigid enclosure within the front end to support dancer toes while the shank server the purpose of arch support. In pointe shoes, two fabric ribbons and an elastic band secure the pointe shoe to the dancer’s foot.

Demi-Pointe Shoe

There is another type of pointe shoe that is known as demi-pointe shoe, break-down, or pre-pointe shoe that is used to train new dancers for performing pointe technique in pointe shoes. These shoes give dancers a feel of a pointe shoe which helps new learner’s to strengthen their ankles and feet. The Pointe technique cannot be performed in demi-pointe shoes as they have no stiff shank in the sole.

Pointe shoes are available in various colors but pink is the most commonly used in these shoes. The tip of the shoe is made from densely packed layers of fabric, cardboard, and paper while leather, cotton, and satin are used in other parts of the shoes.

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Demi-Pointe Shoe

If you don’t want to experience discomfort while wearing pointe shoes then you can try different accessories for comfort and relief from pain.

  • Toe pads can be used for cushioning toes. The thin fabric-covered gel sheets eliminate the risk of blistering by removing friction.
  • Gel toe spacers can be inserted between toes to adjust toe spacing and alignment that helps to alleviate pain at the bunion joints.
  • Lamb’s wool is used to reduce chafing and blisters. Lambswool is stretched and wrapped around toes for density and custom fitting.
  • Tape is another useful accessory usually wrapped around toes to eliminate chafing and blister.
  • The small gel squares blister pads prevent the risk of damage from rubbing and friction.

You can also buy the best and popular pointe shoes from brands such as Nexete, Grishko, Bloch, MSMAX, Capezio, Russian Pointe, Suffolks and DoGeek. These brands make comfy and reliable shoes of different sizes and colors.

2. Ghillies Shoes

Ghillies also referred to as light shoes, pumps, and soft shoes specifically used for several types of dances such as highland dance, Irish dance, and Scottish country dance. These are the soft dancing shoes similar to ballet shoes that are used by both men and women in Scottish country dance and Highland dance. It is used only by women in Irish dance.

Ghillies are soft shoes, Features a black leather upper and Suede sole that provides maximum flexibility. The soft gel insole provides cushion and protection. Advanced lacing technique with extra eyelets provides a secure fit to your foot. The shoes come with laces while some Ghillies shoes come with elastic.

Ghillies Shoes

The most commonly used color in these shoes is black while Ghillies can be used in various colors for specially choreographed dances. Ghillies feature laces with instep and no tongue that is specifically used for Scottish country dancing. Ghillies and Ballet shoes are made from leather and feature similar soles. In Ghillies laces are used to fasten them to the foot while in Ballet elastic is wrapped across the ankle.

Both men and women use Scottish Ghillies to perform Highland dancing and Scottish country dancing. Scottish Ghillies usually come in black, although colored stitching and eyelets are also used in Scottish Ghillies. Highland Ghillies provides a snug fit to perform for Highland dances. Dancers also use socks or stockings for a snug fit.

3. Jazz Shoes

A jazz shoe works best for Jazz, acrobatic, and hip-hop dancers. Jazz shoes come in different styles and features such as high-rise, low-rise, slip-on, and lace-up Oxfords. Jazz shoes with split soles provide flexibility and make it easier to flex for Jazz dancers. The rubber soles provide good traction and cushioning to your foot while thicker heels work as a better shock absorber.

Jazz Shoes are a good source to strengthen feet and work best to perform demi-pointe and pointe easily for younger people. Jazz shoes can be easily worn with socks or tights to break them in. Jazz shoes are good to dance on wood, Marley, or sprung floor. Jazz shoes are available in different colors but Black, Caramel, and White color are commonly used in Jazz shoes.

Jazz Shoes

If you are wondering what is the best brand for Jazz shoes that provides reliable and durable shoes then you can try Linodes, Bloch, Capezio, and Dynadans. You can choose the slip-on, lace-up, or boot design as per your comfort and style.

4. Tango Shoes

Tango shoes are sworn by both men and women to perform the tango dance originated from ballroom dancing. The Tango shoes give your foot a light and soft experience while performing on the floor. The shoes are specifically designed to provide a perfect grip to your foot.Women’s tango shoes feature high-heel, open-toe shoes in addition to a strap around the ankle.

The heel provides stability and flexibility which allows maximum support to your foot. Tango shoes ensure maximum support and protection that enables you to move effortlessly on the dance floor during practice sessions, social dancing, and competitions. The tango shoes reduce pressure from the balls of the feet during performance.

Tango Shoes

The tango shoes come in various styles such as heel cages, peep toes, exposed arches, and T-straps. The Women’s tango shoes usually feature a stiletto high heel but beginners can start with a smaller heel. The tango shoes come in a variety of colors so you easily match it with your dress.

The Men tango shoes feature a Suede sole, leather upper,front shoelaces and Low heels which makes it a perfect shoe to rock the dance floor with your partner. The shoes give you a classic look in addition to the support and comfort while performing.

The Suede Sole provides perfect grip and slide for a better performance on the floor. The better arch support provides comfort and stability.The high quality upper material works best for Sweat-absorbent and breathability while the lace-up system provides solid grip to your foot. The shoes come in various colors but black is the most common color used in men’s tango dance.

5. Flamenco Shoes

A Flamenco shoe or flamenco heel worn by Flamenco dancers is usually worn by female dancers with traje de flamenco costumes. The women’s flamenco shoe often comes in black usually with a normal or low heel. The flamenco shoes feature shoes with elastic straps, buckles, and with laces. You can also buy these shoes with different heels such as straight heel, curved and Cuban heels.

Male flamenco shoes are available in different variations. You can wear shoes with laces or you can try the slip-on style. Male dancers usually wear classic and Ankle flamenco shoes. The shoes usually come in black for men. These shoes are made of different materials such as leather and suede, and synthetic. Flamenco shoes have nails embedded in the toe and heel for a crisp and resonant sound.

Flamenco Shoes

These shoes give you an elegant and classic look while performing flamenco. These shoes are usually crafted with hands or custom-made. The handmade and custom shoes provide you with perfect quality, comfort, elegance, and a high voltage performance.

6. Tap Shoes

Tap shoes are worn by Tap dancers generally characterized by the sounds of metal taps attached to the heel and toe of shoes for striking the floor. Tap shoes feature in various styles for men and women. Women can wear shoes in laces; slip-on, ribbon, and in strap style.

The shoes are available in high heels and low heels. Low heels are good for beginners to maintain stability and momentum while high heels are suitable for professionals to perform Broadway and musical theatre tap styles.

Tap Shoes

Men Taps shoes generally come in black and feature laces and a slip-on style. The shoes were made in leather, suede, and synthetic materials but they are usually made with leather. In the early years, tap shoes generally had wooden style soles but in today’s time, shoes come with metallic taps.

If you want to buy some amazing tap shoes then you can check the brands Bloch, Linodes, Capezio and Miller, and Ben. Tap shoes are used to perform various types of tap dances such as rhythm or jazz, classical, Broadway, and post-modern tap dance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Dance Shoes Important?

The dance shoes are specifically made for different dance styles. The shoes provide you with comfort, flexibility, and endurance.  You can easily balance your momentum while preventing any injury to your foot. The dancing shoes are important for perfect execution of your moves and for the right amount of traction.

What Factors Cause the Risk of Injuries in Dancing?

There is always a risk involved in dancing. The risk factors include previous injuries, insufficient skills, risky movements, and excessive training.

Are Running Shoes Good for Dancing?

Running shoes are not good for dancing because every dance style has unique dance forms. You cannot perform Jazz, Tango, Tap, or Contemporary in running shoes. These shoes cannot provide you traction and comfort while performing certain moves.

What Are the Top Dance Shoe Brands?

If you are wondering what are the best brands for dancing shoes then you can consider the brands Capezio, Bloch, Miller & Ben, Grishko, and Sansha. You can buy handmade or custom-made shoes from these brands. These brands are the best in the market to improve your dancing skills.

How Do You Protect Your Toes While Dancing?

It is necessary to protect your toes when dancing. Several types of dance styles involve your toes. You can use gel toe pads or wool toe pads in the toe box of your shoes. Dancers can also use gellows, cotton medical tape, toe caps, or toe sleeves to protect the toes while performing risky moves. You can also use foot thongs in Jazz, Ballet, Modern, and Belly Dancing. A foot thong provides a secure fit and relieves pressure on the ball of your foot.

Final Verdict

If you are new to the dancing world or want to use the best dance shoes then the above information is helpful for you. We have mentioned every single detail that can prove useful for you. If you want to perform various dance styles then you can surely try the above shoes.

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