What Color Shoes To Wear With Black Pants

An outfit suits a person with a classy color combination is the main reason that people are stick to the main theme regarding color combination. Wearing the same tone is not boring if the combination is strong.

What color shoes to wear with black pants

Black pants are the most used dress pants in all colors. People usually wear black pants during the daytime i.e., duty time. But they look classier when used at a party or a function at night. People usually miss them at night which they shouldn’t.

Following are some shoes pairs which are best to wear with black pants.


In almost every circumstance, black shoes are the smartest version in any category. Black shoes are the most popular shoes around the globe and best to wear with black pants. Every man needs this in his wardrobe. Black shoes match with black pants and look decent.

Casual black shoes are the best choice for casual trousers and dressier shoes should be used with black dress pants. Dress black pants, a black blazer, and black shoes make a person look graceful and classy. Black shoes with jeans also do a wonderful and produce a magical look.

Black shoes

If you want to go outside and wandering with friends then black chinos are best along with a pair of black shoes. Black chinos will give a less formal look to the appearance.

Casual trousers are trickier. If you’re going to wear black shoes with chinos in the brown spectrum, then stick to less formal styles.

Dress shoes made with pure leather are the most sophisticated shoes to wear with black dress pants. Black loafers are the best choice for black jeans and chinos. Dress shoes require regular polishing and maintenance to keep them look nicer.

Black shoes with black pants are the best to wear on various occasions like restaurant dinners, interviews, workplaces, and weddings. Everyone needs at least one pair of black shoes in his wardrobe because black shoes complement almost every outfit.

Dark Brown

Dark brown shoes are a perfect match for black pants on casual occasions. Whether you are forwarding to the bar or a brunch, you can try this look. Brown shoes can also work with jeans, no matter if you like sneakers or joggers, a white T-shirt and a jacket on top completes your attractive look.

Dark Brown shoes

However, to make your appearance suitably good, there are few rules to follow. Firstly, select a pair of shows in a classic aesthetic dark brown hue. Secondly, wear a belt of a brown color instead of black or any other color to match your shoes.


Grey shoes are not used usually. But they look graceful and decent with black pants. Many people like the black-grey color combination very much. Anyhow, this is an unorthodox pairing. So, be decisive in your selection and select wisely when to wear grey shoes below the black pants.

Gray Shoes


This combination is also out of the way. White color looks more prominent with black pants and catches the attraction of people. But people are now eccentric and fashion-forward. In the early 2000s, people used this combination but not much popular nowadays.

White Shoes


Black shoes below navy trousers are usual, but navy shoes below black trousers are not formal. This color combination will be a distraction for others. It is not a recommended color combination to wear. No one will endorse you in this regard.

Navy Shoes


It is not a recommended color to wear with black trousers because of the unusual look. In fact, this can suit better with brown or grey pants. With black pants, it looks very unorthodox and unpleasant.

Burgundy Shoes


It seems weird and with this combination, anyone will look funny. Some wearing combinations are “can’t miss” but dark brown shoes with black pants are a “must miss” combination. It does not look good anyway. This is a ubiquitous, non-formal, and unorthodox combination.

Purple Shoes

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