Why Do Logger Boots Have High Heels: A Simple Definition

Are you curious why do Logger Boots have high heels? The logger boots are also known as cork, timber, and logging boots are usually associated with the wood or lumber industry. People from other professions such as Fence crews, Ranchers, Linesmen, Hunters, Farmers, and Trekkers also use logger boots. The craftsmanship and comfort of the logger boots is much superior then any heavy-duty work boots. Logger boots are necessary to do the logging work that ensures your comfort and safety during cutting, lifting, and climbing trees and prove helpful to maintain feet stability while using heavy equipment on uneven, steep, or unstable terrains.

Why Do Logger Boots Have High Heels

The logger boots are famous for their high heels support that you will not find in any other ordinary work boots. The timber boots are specifically made with an elevated heel design that gives you a comfy experience while doing work. The raised heels enhance comfort level on rough surfaces and provide good arch support. The elevated heels in the logger boots have multiple functions. The high heels of logging boots only provide you a balanced momentum but also keep your feet alive in harsh weather conditions.

Main Reasons of Logger Boots Have High Heels

The logging boot heels give you a suitable elevation from the ground and keep your feet firm on the muddy uneven and rough ground. You cannot imagine the hardships of working in a logging industry that requires additional safety and support to your feet. Want to know more about the importance of logger boots high heels? Let’s have a look at the below points to know about the logger boots high heels.

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These are reasons of why do logger boots have high heels with detail:

1. Smooth Climbing

Does a Logger need to climb trees?  Well, loggers don’t often climb trees but in logging, industry climbing is the part of the logging crew member’s job In which tree climbers use  climbing spurs to scale trees and remove unusual limbs. The logger boots heel provides sufficient support while wearing climbing spurs. These climbing spurs are strapped onto the shoe and leg to easily scale trees. The logging boot’s high heels prevent slipping while climbing and also provide a fine gap for the climbing spurs to fit appropriately.

Do watch this video to know how logger boots high heels work while wearing climbing spurs.

2. Walk On Uneven Surfaces and Steep Slopes

Being a logger it is very difficult to work on uneven surfaces and steep slopes. The harsh weather conditions make the surfaces uneven and steep. You cannot walk on uneven and steep surfaces with flat heel shoes as they put immense pressure on your ankle and feet. The logger boots heels are designed to walk on unbalanced, bumpy, and rough grounds as the heels provide sufficient support to walk comfortably while working on unsteadily ground. The logger heels help to lessen the excessive pressure on your ankle.

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3. High Elevation With Heels

The lumberman has to work in a challenging environment. You have to walk on the unstable ground in the forest; therefore, the lumberjack boots high heels provide elevation from the ground. The raised heels protect your feet from the dusty and muddy ground and help to elevate the foot out of wet terrain. The raised heels prevent discomfort while walking or climbing on rough terrains.

4. Prevents Slip and Trip

There is always a risk of slip and fall while working as a logger on rough surfaces. The logging boots heels provide top traction and slip-resistance to keep your feet stable on the ground. The design of the raised heel ensures your safety while doing work on wet surfaces. The raised heels of logger boots ensure a smooth walk on a steep slope and on the wet surface. The heel of logging boots digs in well on uneven ground so you can walk easily on sloped terrain without slipping.

5. High Heels Prevent Injuries

These logger boots are designed as per the industry safety measures to prevent injuries. The heel of the logger boots provides sufficient arc support to prevent foot injuries. The raised heel of logger boots saves you from lower back and ankle injuries. The logging boot heels provide enough ankle support and traction to avoid pressure on the ankle area.

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6. Enhance Durability and Superior Comfort

The logger boots raised heels add durability and comfort for a better working experience. The logger must perform a variety of physically demanding tasks that require superior comfort and durability. The raised heel ensures your feet’s comfort by providing sufficient arch support, traction and keeps your posture straight while working on the unbalanced ground.

You cannot get premium comfort and durability by wearing ordinary working boots because loggers work in challenging rough environments. The flat and thin boots can cause Achilles Tendonitis, Ankle Sprains, and Fractures of the Ankle. The high heels not only ensure your feet’s safety but also support the entire foot structure.

Best High Heel Logger Boots

Nowadays many companies are making logger boots with various unique features. The top logger boots brands are Carolina, Chippewa, Georgia, Carhartt, Skechers, and Timberland. If you want to wear shoes with a solid heel design that will not be ripped apart from the sole within some time then you can choose the Chippewa, Georgia, and Timberland Logger Boots. It is recommended to check the boot heel construction before buying. You can wear the boots to check the heel comfort but if you are buying them from online stores then you can check the user reviews to know about the shoe heel durability and comfort. Nickboots are famous for their Custom Configuration in logger boots so you can also buy the handmade custom design logger boots from Nickboots.

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Still confused about the best logger boots brand then watch this video

Are Logger Boots Heels Good for Health

If you are a professional logger then the logger boot heels are undoubtedly beneficial for your feet health. The heel provides arch support and provides balanced momentum on rough grounds. These high heels also prevent excessive pressure on your ankles that lessen the risk of ankle-related pain and injuries. The Logger boots are made to wear in extremely harsh environments so that the loggers can work easily without having any pain in soft ankle tissues.

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The logger boot high heels are important to bear the excessive pressure and to eliminate the risk of ankle sprains so that you can conveniently work on rough grounds. These logger boots cannot be worn as casual footwear all day long because logging boots are particularly made for loggers for comfort and safety. It is important to ensure your feet ‘ protection and health if you are connected to the logging industry.

Commonly Asked Questions

Here are the commonly asked questions of many people, we collect these questions and answers here.

Why do logger boots have raised heels?

The Logger Boots Heels are designed to give you elevation, arch support, traction, and premium comfort while working in the rugged environment. The high heel saves you from ankle injuries but also prevents discomfort in your long hours of working.

Is it hard to walk in logger boots?

Logging boots are designed to be worn in difficult terrains.  The boots are made with premium materials to prevent discomfort. You can easily walk on wet, hard surfaces. The high heel helps you to easily walk on steep slopes.

Are logger boots good for everyday wear?

The Logger boots cannot be worn casually as these boots are designed for loggers or Lumberjacks. If you wear these boots casually for long hours then they will badly hurt your feet. These boot’s designs are much different from any other casual or other work boots.

What brand boots do loggers wear?

There are many brands out there manufacturing logger boots. The loggers prefer to wear Chippewa, Georgia,Timberland and Nicks Customize Logger Boots. These brands are known for their comfort, durability and  safety measures.

Do logger boots make you taller?

The Loggers boots come with high heels to give you elevation from the ground so the debris and dust can be avoided while working in tough conditions. The height of the heel may vary from 2 to 3 inches. You can add more than 2 to 3 inches in your height.


We hope now you know the importance of high heels in logging boots. These high heel work boots are made to give you comfort in tough environments. Logging is the most dangerous occupation in the United States than any other occupation. A logger works in tough conditions that need durable and comfortable logger boots to do the job with easiness. The heels of the logging boots give you multiple functions in order to save your feet from injuries.  If you find this article helpful do let us know via the below form.

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